So Much For Dick

Here’s one piece of news that will gladden the hearts of all gunnies:

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. said Tuesday it will stop selling firearms at 125 of its stores, further pulling back from the business after the retailer decided last year to tighten its policies around gun sales.
Dick’s has struggled with declining sales since its CEO Ed Stack made a public decision to stop selling guns to buyers under 21 and take assault-style weapons out of all stores after a fatal school shooting in Parkland, Fla. Dick’s is also working to stem sluggish sales as more shoppers buy sporting goods online.
This year Dick’s will remove guns and some hunting gear from 125 locations, after testing the concept in 10 stores last year, Mr. Stack said on a conference call Tuesday. Dick’s had 729 of its namesake locations as of Feb. 2. The space will be used to sell higher-margin, faster-selling categories such as licensed sports gear and outdoor recreation equipment, Mr. Stack said.

Yeah… good luck with those Nike T-shirts, Ed.

[pause to allow mocking laughter to subside]

In the article, there’s even better news about their stock price.  Cliff [sic]  Notes:

Can’t wait for Dick’s to go out of business altogether.  Feelgood, pandering fuckers.


  1. Someone is still buying firearms from Dicks? Seriously?
    I just really don’t believe it. I figured all they sell are those big shorts and silly jerseys.

  2. They have been wondering into pussifacation (to use a term from a great thinker I read somewhere) for a while, turning from real men pursuits to clothes.. I stopped going there when they reduced their fly fishing gear from a half aisle, to the end of an aisle, to a section on the end of an aisle, to nothing. Then heaven opened up 5 miles away in the form of Cabellas with a whole section devoted to fly fishing, and I was really done. As for buying a gun from them, now days why would you?

    So from a marketing perspective, who are their customers? In our area, the granola crunchers go to the REI store, and there are specialty stores for everything else. Clinging to hunting and guns was their last chance for surviving.. so sorry stockholders, but you can console yourself with the sure knowledge that no living thing will ever be killed by a device purchased from a store that made you money. It’ll make that Alpo you are living on in your old age so much more satisfying.

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