1. Cux gonna cuck.
    If the dood that got punched can’t carry the weight he should stay on the porch.
    Now, if he had given the attacker a run for the money and still got his ass kicked he’d have my respect.

    1. It’s gotten to the point where folks espousing an anti-left/anti-progressive agenda can no longer depend on civilized behavior from the opposition (understatement of the year?). Therefore, people on the right are going to need some muscle on standby nearby. I can almost guarantee that if the alleged victim had two or three strapping cohorts with him the incident would have been just a shouting match.

      BTW, the behavior the assailant displayed to someone with opposing ideas should show everyone with a functioning brain where this is headed if it continues apace: a hot civil war of some sort, versus the cold one we have now.

  2. “Let’s hope that one of these twerps doesn’t pick on the wrong guy to vent his Trump-hatred.”

    Au contraire, the sooner someone starts giving these people a 231-grain fatboy attitude adjustment, the sooner they’ll come to understand one of the key principles of life that they were raised to ignore. Actions have consequences. Lay your hands on someone who won’t abide it and you get what’s coming to you.

    1. Correct.

      Which is why these shitheels will avoid confrontations in civilized areas (i.e., places where self-defense and the 2A are given their due). They’ll stick to sucker-punching people in victim-disarmament zones and crow about how they’re ‘fighting Nazis’.

  3. The problem is the selective enforcement of laws. If you’re antifa and you beat someone about the head with a metal bike lock, you get off scott free.

    Look at a liberal sideways, and both the law and the media will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

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