Liberal Male Backlash…?

Oh, this is just too delicious for words.  Longtime Reader Joe P. (good to see you again, buddy!) sends me a link to an article entitled Schadenfreude, and seldom has an essay been as aptly labeled.  A sample of his summation:

Ladies, you have been legally equal with men now for three generations or more, and by every metric one can measure, it has made you miserable, suicidal, infanticidal and crazy.

But enough from me;  hie thee hence and read it all.  It’s a lengthy piece, but worth every moment.


  1. Modern feminism seems to be a cautionary tale of “be careful what you wish for…you may just get it”. Seems to me that what they’re most upset about is the unintended consequences of their demands have yielded attitudes and behaviors they were neither prepared for nor are really equipped to deal with. Thus they cry out to men to fix what feminism broke and many men have replied with “no”.

  2. Mr Wright is no liberal. He’d likely challenge someone to pistols at dawn for suggesting it.

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