Clemency? I Think Not

Apparently the ISIS murderers have surrendered after getting the shit bombed out of them.


I can already hear the lamentations because, of course, there are Wimmens & Chilluns caught up in the whole mess so therefore we should give them all hugs and kisses and welcome them back into modern society.


After over a decade of rape, pillaging, murder and plunder from ISIS, it’s really hard for me to have any sympathy or call for any mercy for these assholes, especially given their track record in this regard (not to mention this recent discovery).  What the U.S. / coalition forces should have  done was hand all these “prisoners” over to the Kurds and Yaziris, after making sure that the latter had all the equipment they needed (e.g. bayonets, ammo etc.), and left it to the locals to mete out justice as they saw fit.

Feel free to add your thoughts in Comments, as did the Brits in the Daily Mail  articles.


  1. Your response is kinder than the one I have in mind, but that’s not surprising as I consider you a kinder and fairer man than I.

  2. Y’all know about tractor pulls, where a tractor drags a big weighted sled to see which one pulls the farthest?
    I think the Kurds and Yazidi’s should have tractor pulls, camel pulls, truck pulls, in a gravelly desert, using ISIS a-holes as the sled. The former victims get revenge, have fun and entertainment, a twofer. The not-yet-pulled ISIS a-holes get to watch the races until their turn comes ups.
    The “sleds” get left in the desert for the jackals, buzzards and whatever other scavengers show up.
    Shoot the “civilians”. They are ISIS and if left living will breed more of the same.

  3. I think I’d take a page from Tom Kratman’s works and crucify the lot of them.

    Or I could go for Vlad Tepes’ traditional methods in dealing is Islamist barbarians.

    1. “Lex Talionis”

      Nice one. Fair being Fair, works for me. If nothing else, it would eliminate the need for any rehab via any BS “hearts and minds” program and surely improve the mindset of potential followers.

  4. Something along the lines of Vlad the Impaler comes to mind. Or give them to the Kurds and let them even out the karmic balance in the world.

    If you let them go, they will go home, regroup and come back as a different group of fighters.

  5. I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened. If the US gov’t or media is involved there is a 99% probability that you don’t know either, and what you think you know is probably untrue.

    Having said that, if they are guilty of crimes in which other people were harmed then yes, fast justice of the proper type is required. No, you don’t know what “proper type” means unless you are familiar with “Black’s Law Dictionary”. Look it up. I have had one on the top shelf of one of my book cabinets for more than 30 years.

  6. Give them the same “in the field” justice we meted out to members of the SS after Malmedy, and the discovery of the death-camps in Germany.

  7. Illegitimate combatants subject to summary execution at the point of capture, far as I’mna concerned. And this should have been the policy since day one.

    On the gripping hand, got another book in you? Mebbe something in your favored genre placed in turn of the century seth efrika involving a certain Kitchener and a donkey? Already have your others.

  8. Sorry, but we want these people to know they can surrender safely so they do. It makes beating them easier. If they know they’re going to be killed then they have no reason to surrender. This is for our benefit more than theirs: we have fewer casualties and shorter conflicts.

    What to do with them safely afterwards, I leave to better minds.

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