1. The gun would only have magnified the problem.
    You see, there is no diff at all between 1 beta cuck and a hundred. They are all meant to be killed. One of the cucks supposedly used a case hardened steel steering wheel lock, to no avail. In the right hands, the hands of an alpha wolf, that dog would have been killed with the first blow. In fact, the alpha wouldn’t have run off and grabbed the lock, he would have killed the dog instantly with his own resources on the spot.

    Not the cuck though, as they are programmed to be victims. Every. Time. If the cuck had the gun he would have missed shooting the dog, probably shot another cuck, and caused unimaginable grief.

    There is no helping cucks in stressful situations, it is nature culling the herd and you should not intercede.

    Walking my 2 female spaniels on leashes late one night in suburbia out of the dark a Rottweiler attacked us. Pulling my leashed dogs to the rear, and out of the way, I flailed the attacker with my feet and in less than 30 seconds it fled for it’s life. A few weeks later the same thing happened but this time it was a german shepherd. I killed it. With my feet. Few weeks later a Rott attacked us again, same thing, but I didn’t kill it, it fled.

    A call to the police, they said since I had a permit that I should shoot the dog. They also told me that a firearm discharged for any reason would be confiscated pending an investigation. During that period more than 300 guns went missing from the evidence room and it was found that a deputy had been selling them at a gun show. While your gun is confiscated you must have a 2nd gun to defend yourself. A call to animal control at 10pm and an answering machine rendered a message that they were closed.

    Later that year we moved to a rural area where our new home was built.

  2. Yes, I would agree that shooting the rogue dog should have been an option, but this is Detroit, and there are so many other necessary targets, mostly political, that need to be dealt with first. This is a Democrat-run, gun-controlled, pit, and the best thing it’s residents can do, sadly, is flee or change.

  3. I have a .22 H&R small double action pistol from the early 1900’s, the type that were sold as bicycle guns for shooting dogs. It was a real thing at that time and my kids great-grandmother on their mom’s side carried that gun in her purse living in Houston in the good old days, she died around 1950 and always had the pistol close by. Shooting dogs that bothered people was expected behavior of regular nice people back in the days when dogs were allowed to run all over and bicycle guns were sold through magazine ads, in .22 and .32 cal nice inexpensive way to take care of the dog problem.

  4. Government employee (Barry) eats dog.
    Dog eats government employee (postal worker).
    Let’s face it; fair’s fair.

    1. Thank you Ignore amos, I watched the video and I had no idea that pit bulls were bred to bite and then hang on, forever. The attack on the postman makes more sense to me now. I do like dogs but I think every damn one of this breed should either be neutered/spayed or put down since they were bred to be biting machines to take down bulls, real bulls. The video is an eye opener.

      1. Forget the dog, shoot the owner. Pit Bulls are no more aggressive than hundreds of other breeds, and far more family friendly than a bunch of others I can name. They’re just the ones on top of the current hysteria list. It used to be Dobermans. Then German Shepherds. Then Rotts. Some other dog will take their place in due time, and it’s all a load of hot bovine excrement, because that dog is doing just what it was TRAINED to do. It had a trainer to teach it to be violent. Execute THEM. Unfortunately, in this case you need to execute the dog as well, because it’s been trained to be violent, and will continue to be violent as long as it’s alive.

        There are hundreds of other breeds worse in temperament than pit bulls. That dog didn’t attack the mail carrier because it a pitt bull, it attacked because it was taught to do so. Find the owner, find the problem.

        1. Over years, I have read articles and offerings that Pitt Bulls are bred to be fierce, that it is the trainer’s fault, evil dog, evil. and I have read as many articles and offerings that any number of dog breeds are just as fierce, just as vicious, just as evil. It’s the breeding, it’s the training, there is no such thing as a bad dog or a bad boy.

          Fact: any dog will bite, and it really doesn’t matter how they were bred or trained. It is a natural thing for the species. Sometimes they get excited, sometimes they get nervous, or scared, and they bite.

          Other fact: I LOVE dogs. I’ve lived with dogs in most of my life and couldn’t imagine life without one close by. But any dog bites me, and all that will change. I don’t know if I could destroy a dog that has been like a family member, but I would have to restrict it’s movement or range, possibly muzzle it, simply for the safety of people and small children who might come in contact with it.

          Last fact: any unknown dog bites me, I will defend myself whatever way I can and to whatever extent to insure my safety and life. If it comes down to me or the dog, it’s going to be me.

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