News Roundup

…wherein I’m too lazy to make a full post about stuff:

1)  Valerie is saved! — Thank goodness.  Now I can continue to add inches to my waistline by eating their pastries every time I go to Britishland.

2) Rio cops execute violent choirboys on the spot — Now quit that cheering and applause.  And no, I have no idea when ICE are going to implement the same policy when faced with armed cross-border drug smugglers.

3) “If [an active shooter] walks onto this campus, they’re going to be shot and killed.” — It’ll be interesting to see if school shootings ever occur in these schools from now on.  And if any of my south Floriduh Readers are looking for a part-time gig…

4) Sexbots could be hazardous for your health — Oh puh-leeze.  I know more than a few women (including some ex-girlfriends) who would pose a far greater threat than a collection of latex and transistors.  Think:  Terminator, with tits.  (Yes, Cheryl, I’m thinking of you.)

5) Amazon tells NYC to fuck off — These are the perils of trying to do business in a Socialist environment.  Frankly, I think Amazon should breathe a sigh of relief, because they just dodged a BIG bullet.


  1. If a place is dangerous enough to warrant armed guards why in the world would any sane person send their kids there?

  2. The reason that Amazon got chased out of NYC is because of a big union dispute, nothing more or less. Amazon woulnd’t support the union’s push for a min wage of $18/hr, so the unions vetoed the whole thing.

    1. Find it odd that the unions would be concerned about what Minimum Wage is?

      Well, it seems that their contracts are calculated on multiples of that pay rate. IIRC, it BEGINS at 2X minWage, and goes up from there. So, any time that goes up, so does their pay. Sweet deal, eh?

  3. We homeschooled our son, and taught thousands of people around the world how to do so and even wrote a book about it, WHILE still paying huge property taxes so others could send their kids into the war zone, in southwest Florida no less.

    I have held a concealed weapons permit in multiple states since about 1990 but I carry any dam where I choose because no one gets to dictate to me how to live a moral life.

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