Balls, Great Big Brass Ones

Someone just became a criminal.

My only hope is if I’m ever faced with a situation like the one he finds himself in, that I will have the courage he does.

Quote Of The Day:

“I respect the police, greatly.  The cops I know hate the idea of enforcing this intolerance.  I ask them when they come to arrest me and confiscate my guns, they give me enough warning, so my kids aren’t around when they do it.”

And it would appear that he’s not alone.

Let’s see what the Boulder government does.  A pox on them.


    1. But the Boulderites are now fully in control of the legislature, the Governor’s office, and the courts. This craziness is going to go state wide and will be viewed as a testing ground for national laws.

  1. Further evidence of the libtards taking over Colorado. We used to have some of the best gun laws in the country. That’s changed, and will change more. Interestingly, though, nearly all the county sheriffs in the state refuse to enforce the fifteen round magazine capacity limit (spit). I can throw a rock a time or three and hit a gun shop that sells 30 round AR magazine “kits”, completely within the law.

  2. “Someone just became a criminal.”

    That’s not quit correct. It should read: Nathan Hale Just Stepped Forward.

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