Isla Fisher (the Amy Adams lookalike) has several strikes going against her, despite being a total hottie:

The strikes are:

  1. She’s Australian
  2. She married that asswipe provocateur  Sacha Baron Cohen
  3. She’s an actress

…and now she’s dyed her gorgeous red hair blonde, thus making herself look like just another dockside totty:

Next up:  multiple body piercings and facial tattoos, no doubt.  And let’s not leave out gender reassignment, for the Trifecta Of Trendy.


  1. Kim, I’ll give you one more — Ms. Fisher also follows a mostly vegan lifestyle.

    Have a look at Amy Adams.

  2. Totally agree with numbers 2 and 4!

    Redheads are the most rare and beautiful of women, especially if they also have green eyes!

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