I know, unless you followed the link to Ben Shapiro’s article from Insty’s place last week, you’d be as much in the dark right now as I was then.  It’s worth a read, if for no other reason than to rejoice in statements such as this:

We’re told that if we fail to rewrite biology to suggest there are more than two sexes, or if we don’t use preferred pronouns rather than biological ones, we will inevitably create emotional and mental instability among certain vulnerable groups.

My answer to the above is twofold:

  1.  I think that those “certain vulnerable groups” already exhibit a great deal of emotional and mental instability; and
  2.  I happen to love the idea of driving these fucking nutcases crazier still, just by rejecting their premises and terminology (unless it’s to mock xem and xeir foolishness, that is).

But here’s where Shapiro shows his youth and naivete:

And while the Wokescolds may win temporary victories, those victories will surely be Pyrrhic:  As it turns out, we tend to like our biology, language, politics, religion, romantic relationships, art and comedy.  The Wokescolds will certainly lose.  But not before they destroy a lot of people and fray the social fabric nearly beyond repair.

Ben, bubeleh :  that is precisely what these fuckheads are trying to do.  The inferior always try to drag others down to their own level and destroy the game by deflating the ball.  This is just its latest manifestation.


  1. (unless it’s to mock xem and xeir foolishness, that is)

    Am I the only person that read that in a German accent?

  2. Seconded. With an exclamation mark.

    Today’s BisonPrepper has a discussion about deciding to:
    hunker on some chunk of dirt, hoping to be the last idjit boiled in the pot, or
    getting a boat and joining the Sea Gypsy Tribes.

    One astute comment mentioned settling on a deserted beach with a stack of books at my elbow, a forest or jungle of groceries a stroll away behind me.

    Appeasing lunatics? Best wishes on that. By definition, lunatics lack the ability to articulate their desires. Would it be like tossing a perfect basket or kicking a perfect goal… while the lunatics shift the goal after your ball is in the air?

    Playing their game by their rules… well, Sparky, which of the players is the lunatic!

    1. This is why unbridled mocking derision is really the only appropriate response. These NPCs are so predictable that they’d likely fail a Turing test. The only thing we should do is laugh at them loudly and without mercy and mock them for the stupidity of their positions.

  3. Were there an island to go to in order to escape these harridans, I would do so. And I would do it on a sailboat full of antique weaponry so no-one else could us it

    We have to fight the battle we are in where we are. There is no place for us to run. There is no island on this earth where we can escape the statists. If I were a billionaire, I would buy and island and let all of you move there. But it’s not to be.

  4. As it turns out, we tend to like our biology, language, politics, religion, romantic relationships, art and comedy.

    Which is why we still say “sunrise” and “sunset”…

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