1. The irony is that the breaker yards that do this sort of work are environmental nightmares.

  2. That’s a bloody shame. They could have recycled and saved the environment. How do you say, “Pequod” in Japanese?

  3. The Frog Security Service DGSE bombed the original Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, New Zealand in 1985.

    It was later scuttled at sea off the North east coast of New Zealand and the Frogs had to pay Greenpeace $8.5 million in reparations.

    The agents convicted of the bombing spent an incredibly harsh six months or so languishing on a French tropical island in the Pacific as punishment. Viva la France!

  4. All ships/vessels/boats belonging to any and all enviro-groups need to be scuttled. If all hands are lost, well……omelettes.

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