From My Cabin To Yours…

…a warm and wonderful New Year.

And may all the new guns you buy in 2019 shoot straight and work properly.

You are going to buy some new guns in 2019, aren’t you?  It’s one way to make your New Year a happy one.

And speaking of happy:

Cheers, y’all.  That’s for “Dry January”… and after that, it’s this for “Veganuary”:

Might as well start the year off the way I plan to do for the rest of it:  pissing off the people who want me to stop enjoying myself.


  1. Happy New Year ! – – – – I’m glad to see a new one every year. As for new guns, I have assured my wife over the past years that every gun I purchased will be the last one I will ever need to buy, and then she laughs. When it comes to food, if all I ate was sprouts, kale, whole grain brown pasta and shit in order to live an extra 5 or 10 years then I gonna die younger because I am going to eat reasonably good stuff with lots of bacon and eggs, red meat and sausages while I wash it down with some wine.

    Am I the only old man who loves seeing kids and grandkids come for a week visit during the holiday and really loves seeing them leave?

  2. Happy New Year, Kim!

    Here’s wishing every good thing to you and yours…. and a full gun-safe and ammo locker, too.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  3. Happy new year.

    Not sure what I will get as I have not shot a lot of what I got last year. But we shall see if we get more shooting time this year or not.

  4. A very happy new year to you, Kim.

    No guns here, of course. 🙁

    And can I point you in the direction of Sissel Kyrkjebø? 🙂 She has the voice of an angel.

  5. Happy New Year to you Kim!
    I am partial to the side-by-side shotguns by Parker and L C Smith.

  6. “May all the new guns you buy in 2019 shoot straight and work properly.” Gee, the sentiment speaks to me. Forget deal, an online advert the other day offered a steal; a surplus CZ-82 that may rival VW’s old “cheaper than hamburger” price. Regret to say no “Full English Breakfast” but a Latin staple “Bistec a lo Pobre” is an order work’n.

  7. Happy New Year from Down Under, Kim.

    Apologies for the sandpaper incident, names taken, arses kicked, jobs lost, much loss of face.

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