Back To Butter

So now butter and lard are good for you again, and vegetable oils (except olive) are bad:

The World Health Organization has faced fierce backlash after telling people to replace butter and lard with ‘healthier’ oils in the New Year.
A leading cardiologist today said he was ‘shocked and disturbed’ by the advice, which the UN agency listed as a tip to prolong people’s lives.
Butter has been demonised for decades over its saturated fat content – but an array of evidence is beginning to prove it can be healthy.

Plus ça change, plus la même chose.

This announcement could have had some impact on my life, except that I never stopped using butter and I’ve always looked suspiciously at all cooking oils anyway.

Never mind:  next week some other cardiologist will warn us that butter causes (or, more likely, “may” cause) aggravated syphilis or something.

In the meantime, any report from a large government- or international agency (CDC, WHO, etc.) should be treated with the utmost skepticism if not outright rejection.  In fact, if Agency A warns that X is bad for you, a rule of thumb would be to increase the intake of X.

I don’t see that the above advice can be any worse than the bullshit we’ve been fed for the past fifty-odd years.


  1. No expert here, by any measure, and I’m not claiming that my lifestyle will cause anyone to live to be a hundred years old (check back with me later,) but butter, lard and bacon grease have had major parts in my life since I first had teeth and I am 68 years grumpy this year.

    Leave me alone! Let me enjoy what little is left to a man of my years. Maybe this unholy trio, combined with good whisky, is the secret to a long and happy life.

  2. Just now finishing up a late breakfast of two slices of bacon and two extra large over easy eggs cooked in BUTTER as I read about BUTTER. My wife remarked this morning that she loves our routine each day, we eat breakfast late, get a little bit of cheese and stuff for lunch and then eat an early supper around six, always using BUTTER or olive oil for cooking.

  3. you’re right about those three letter organizations. Most can’t be trusted. Some over educated egg head needs to justify their existence so they write these rubbish papers only to have a colleague rebut their “findings” a few months later.

    Eat from the farm, not the factory. everything in moderation. Enjoy your life!

  4. Never mind: next week some other cardiologist will warn us that butter causes (or, more likely, “may” cause) aggravated syphilis or something.

    Only if you go to Paris with Marlon Brando.

  5. Got a Kitchen Aide for Christmas and the first thing I made was a mahoooosive, porky, meaty, spicy, raised pork pie, with a thick hot water crust pastry. Into this pie also went three Cumberland sausages, some diced thick cut smoked back bacon. The jelly was made with reduced stock and proper gelatine. It formed a clear, wobbly blanket between the meat and the crust. This was all honed to shiny perfection with egg wash (cos dey is bad too. Pffft). Nom nom nom.

    And what is in hot water crust pastry? Butter…..lots of it, and…….LARD. That’s what makes it crispy, flaky and flavourful

    Almost as good as bread and scrape……

  6. If all the foods the “experts” said are bad for us were, shouldn’t we have gone extinct a long time ago?

  7. > Never mind: next week some other cardiologist will warn us that butter causes (or, more likely,
    > “may” cause) aggravated syphilis or something.

    Given that some people use butter for, um, “lube”, it may very well be a contributing factor.

    Don’t use Crisco for that–it’s shortening.

  8. Butter is not the only fat that is rapidly being rehabilitated. Twenty years ago Charlene Anderson was suffering from a host of crippling autoimmune conditions with complications from Lyme disease thrown in for good measure. After several years of trying one dietary solution after another she wound up eating only beef, and fatty beef at that, as in ribeye steaks, with enough saturated fat to give the typical sawbones an aneurysm. Twenty years later she is free of all chronic illness and, to put it mildly, thriving with a fine and absurdly healthy family. This story is not a fake and is well known throughout the low-carb online community. Twenty years ago Charlene was a complete physical wreck. Now she looks like this. She is 44 years old.

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