1. Over the pond? They all appear to be LHD Jags. Beautiful cars. Their accoutrements weren’t bad, either.

    I also liked Kevin’s (The Smallest Minority) ’08 Jag, but he only had it for a short time. Medical emergency caused him to sell it.

  2. A British Racing Green E-type coupe is one of my dream cars. Preferably with a few Triumph motorcycles parked nearby, also in BRG, which is the only proper color for an English vehicle, IMO.

  3. I always lusted after an E-type convertible. My father had one in the late 1960s. Cleaned the carbs out every Sunday at 0700. On the Washington Beltway.

    Oh, the carb-cleaning procedure was extended operation at over 120mph. He had it up to 150 once. One thing about the E-type was that it rode and handled better the faster it was driven…unlike so many other cars, which went from docile to terrifying when the speedometer topped 100.

  4. That Jaguar, especially the roadster (the coupe always looked a bit bubble-butted to me) is one of the few cars so beautiful it outshines the models posing in and around it.

    The new one, though…someone whacked the grille with an ugly stick, and the model and her lovely red dress stand out even more as a result.

  5. Triumph, Royal Enfield, BSA, Norton with pretty girls…

    Then Harleys and Indians.

    Us motorcycle guys deserve some love.

    1. Rick,
      the Norton ads for the Commando in the late 60’s/early 70’s featured the importer’s secretary. I don’t know if she did modeling on the side. Lovely girl. Saw her when we picked up bikes at their facility near the NY port.

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