5 Worst Christmas Golden Book Titles

In ascending order of appalling:

  • “Your Dad Is Actually Santa Claus” by  Ayn Rand
  • “How To Drink Rum Eggnog Like A Grownup” by  Captain Morgan
  • “Getting The Expensive Presents You Really  Want:  A Child’s Guide To Blackmail” by  Stormy Daniels
  • “Santa Claus:  Just Another White Male Oppressor” by  Andrea Dworkin
  • “Jesus Christ:  Jew Bastard” by  Ayotollah Khameini

Your nominations in Comments.


  1. I Saw Mommy Blowing Santa Claus – Monica Lewinsky
    All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth – Hedda Nussbaum
    The Little Hummer Boy – Michael Jackson

  2. We already know what you want for Christmas – by Amazon Echo
    Eggnog, San Francisco Style – by Two Democrats, One Cup.

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