Trump, You Idiot

The story of the late Bush 41 — a man respected by many and distrusted by an equal number — should have proved an object lesson to the once-god-emperor Trump, but it seems like Trump doesn’t want to learn from history unless it’s his own history.  Which makes him an idiot.  Here’s why.

Facing election, Bush 41 got what would be the loudest cheers of his entire presidency when he made the unequivocal statement:  “Read my lips: no new taxes! ”  Well, we all know what happened later:  “no new taxes” became a “great big huge tax”, passed as part of a deal made with arch-socialist and “Lion Of The Senate” Senator Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy.  The result for Bush?  The loss of the Presidency, because the Republican base, which hates taxes of any kind let alone new big ones, felt they’d been betrayed by the President.

Anyone see any parallels with the current incumbent, Trump 45?  Here it is:  “We’re going to build a wall to secure our southern border:  a big, beautiful wall!

And now, this week?  No wall.  Why no wall?  So he can keep a friendly working relationship with not one but TWO Congressional Socialists, Chuck “No-Guns” Schumer and future Repeat-House Speaker “Red” Nancy Pelosi?

Then Trump 45 gets pissed off when Ann Coulter — the same Ann Coulter who back in early 2016 predicted Trump’s eventual Republican nomination, to the loud jeers of a Jon Stewart audience  — entitles one of her articles “Gutless President In Wall-Less Country“.

Well guess what, Donald old chum:  just like Bush 41, you’ve managed to piss off your most loyal supporters, the ones who thought you were different, the ones who thought that if anyone could build a big, beautiful wall it would be a billionaire property developer.

Too bad you fucked up.  And here’s another lesson you’re about to learn from Bush 41 (a.k.a. President Juan Term):  just as Bush 41’s with Kennedy, your “partnership” with Schumer and Pelosi will last as long as the wet ink on the surrender document (“continuing resolution”) that you’re about to sign tomorrow (Friday).  On Monday morning (if not Saturday morning), they’ll go back to sabotaging what’s left of your your agenda, attempting to have you impeached, and turning what was to be a transformational presidency into just another fucking swamp.  Your last two years in the Presidency are going to be dead in the water, and nothing you said would happen, will happen.  And you will go from God-Emperor Trump to President Juan Term II.

I hope it was all worth it, you blithering moron.


  1. Let’s not forget the fun and exciting idiocy of allowing the executive branch to redefine words defined in legislation! Bumpstocks today, semi-autos tomorrow.

  2. There’s not much Trump could do about the wall if Congress doesn’t provide funding (well I guess he COULD have the Army Corps of Engineers build it, but it still costs money). Lack of funding for the wall may well have been what costs the Republicans the House in the last mid-terms.

    What he needs to do with make Pelosi and company OWN not building the wall, veto the spending bill that doesn’t fund the wall, and let the government shut down until the money is there. Pelosi said she’s willing to let the government shut down forever to prevent building the wall, challenge accepted.

    1. A good chunk of said gummint is already funded due to passage of departmental funding bills considered in regular order. As it should be done. This craptacular should be only holding up the DHS budget. Not numerous departments that have nothing to do with border security.

  3. Trump, what can we say about Trump? At least he’s not Hillary and some days that’s about all I can say about Trump. He has done some good things unwinding the previous eight years of regulations and he has appointed some judges that appear to be all right, time will tell on that. Meanwhile on any given day when I see the latest confusion I am pretty sure we are on a roller coaster ride with a scary ending.

    1. If you’ve taken notice of the Trumpster in times past you’d note that he’s not a steady hand on the helm kinda guy. Scratching and clawing your way around the NYC real estate market is not a smooth sailing kinda thing. Working for him is not a smooth sailing proposition either.

      These days I think it’s especially important to be updating your congresscritters with your opinions vis a vis the Trumpster, his policies and goals, and what you expect your congresscritters to do about it. I’ve contacted both my senators and my representative numberous times and have received surprisingly detailed responses on several occasions. Not just boilerplate email mimeographs. Some of these staffers apparently actually read stuff.

    1. Sorry, I voted for him because he pisses all the ‘right’ people off. Think of it as a dull stick in the eye of both parties. I do not want ‘comity’, politics isn’t beanbag, the dems know this, the stupid party apparently still does not.

  4. I’m beginning to believe in the abbreviation, now more than ever, that’s been on certain blogs for years: TINVOWOOT (there is no voting our way out of this). This leaves as a combat strategy: meek acceptance, passive resistance (mainly living a subsistence lifestyle to starve the beast; yeah, that’ll happen😆), or a physical backlash. Which option do you think is REALLY likely? If you answered anything other than option one, you really need to step out of the echo chamber.

  5. Rush is now reporting Paul Ryan has come out of a meeting with Trump with a sudden enthusiasm for funding the wall and saying he’s been told Trump will veto a bill that doesn’t have his funding. Make of that what you will.

  6. I’m baffled anyone EVER bought into his jive. Character & principles matter; Donnie Douchebag has neither. He gets a tepid hooray from me for slashing some of the regulatory bs, but he’s done it via executive order. God forbid he roll up his sleeves to leverage his soon-to-be gone Congressional majority to get it done legislatively, which would have those improvements all but permanent. Now they’ll all be undone with a stroke of the same pen the instant we see fit to install another libtard at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    His unmatched gift is selling whomever’s in front of him at the time whatever he thinks they’re eager to buy. Ye gods, I loathe this fucking cockroach.

    1. And we find ourselves in such a nice place due to the efforts of all his likeable predecessors.

      1. Way to completely miss the point. A hack is a hack is a hack. Instead of lifting a finger to be anything but, he’s been exactly that.

  7. Any new government has between 90 and 180 days to pass its most important laws.

    After that wills fade, power becomes addictive, bribes, both formal and informal are offered and paid, and and the votes go away.

    Trump did not even have that much time because most Republican and Democrat congressweasels hated him from day 1.

    Me, I’m an obnoxious jerk, I’d veto all spending bills until the congressbastards caved in, at least I hope I’d have that courage.

  8. In my case, Trump was hired to be an SOB. Thus far he has only been a partial SOB. If he forces the funds for a small border wall he will be a flop. His problem is the same one he has always had- his desire for public acclaim, pro or con. Come on, dude, be the SOB we know you can be. Veto the CR, make them pass it over the Veto. Then Veto anything the Dims pass that we(you) don’t want.
    Moribund is a great thing, stall, Veto, fork the bastards make them declare who, and what they are.,

  9. Folks, hold off on lighting the fuse based on anything you see or read that “Trump has done” or “Trump is Doing” because 99.99% of it is misreported (and I am being kinder than I should with that choice of word).

    Until there is a concrete result it is all speculation and so far the balance seems to end up in his favor and to the benefit of the country.

    Now as to what the Federal Reserve its doing and the 92% negative reporting against trump, both are designed to make the economy slow and people turn defeatist with the hopes of him becoming un-electable in 2020. He plays to win and even when it is being presented as a loss, it can result in quite the opposite to the chagrin of his detractors.

    We have a saying in these parts that if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes, it will change. Politics is no different and lately the mask has come off completely for the democongprogs which is changing a lot of perceptions in the group that used to be the D party base.

  10. As I WRITE THIS at 10pm est on thursday nite, the House has passed a bill with 5.7 Billion for the wall. Now it is up to Mitch The Turtle to get 60 votes. Apparently as noted above Trump adjusted the Congress critters attitude this afternoon. As for Trump NOT doing anything, lets be real. His accomplishments dwarf anything the last 20 or so POTUS’s had done in 4 years. Including today his announcement we are pulling out of Syria and Astan. Maybe folks were not listening during the campaign.

  11. I haven’t heard from a lot of Americans who want to pay more taxes for a wall that was supposed to be funded by pesos. Sadly there are those who actually believed that stream of sewage when he hurled it out the first time. I didn’t buy it then, and I don’t want to buy it now.

    1. Did you *actually* think he was going to get Mexico to pay for it? I always viewed that as gravy, because, frankly, the only way it was ever going to happen was if he could get a tax on remittances, which I thought unlikely.

      Are you upset at the thought of having to go back to paying market rates to have your lawn mowed?

  12. It’s been my experience that, whenever the media tells us that Trump has just done something totally contrary to his expressed intentions and against the desires of his base, we should just sit quietly for three or four days and watch.

    Just about every time this has happened, things have not worked out the way the media claimed that they would.

    About once per month, something like this happens. A bunch of people who supported Trump call him a moron. And then, lo and behold, Trump gets his way.

    So, let’s give him a few days here. I’m betting he gets us the wall.

    1. Remember last year when he pulled the same rope-a-dope trick on the Dems over DACA? Twice, in a two-week period?

      You can not like Trump, that’s fine. But don’t believe–as noted above–any media reporting on him, particularly the headlines. There’s a great example I can’t find at the moment but I think I saw it on last night’s open thread on Instapundit: WaPo running an article about increased Russian sanctions, and NYT running an article about relaxing them, and they were talking about the SAME THING: an event where the mix of sanctions against them was being changed.

  13. Something that has truly been puzzling me over the last 2 years. Why exactly are we concerning ourselves with what Pelosi or Schumer think? I thought the Republicans were in the majority, but it seems I’m mistaken. Obviously, the Democrats lead by Pelosi & Schumer are in the majority defining the legislative agenda. /sarc

    I’ll note a few years ago, when the lame duck Democrats were in the majority, they passed a FU budget on their way out of power. Yet, the Republicans seem unable to pass a budget at any time without Democrat buy-in. It goes to my belief that the Republicans don’t want to be in the majority, because they would then have to DO SOMETHING. They much prefer to be in the minority, so they can complain about how those Democrats won’t allow them to do anything, and oh by the way, how about a donation/vote.

    We really need to get rid of more GOPe congressmen as our Republicans are the other face of the uniparty.

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