Beauties And Beasts – 2

Judging from my overfilled Inbox, it seems as though this series may be quite popular.  So without any further ado, here are some creations of Herr Doctor Ferdinand:

Given that I think that most Porsches are hideously ugly, it’s easy to see where I stand on which is beauty and which the beast.

As always, you may vote for your favorite (car, of course).


  1. How about a few suggestions:
    Hot Rods and babes
    Car show babes
    Retro WWII babes and nose art
    Antique boat babes
    Cigarettes (the boat kind) and bimbos
    F1 Pit Girls redux
    Guns and girls. Always a favorite
    In fact any male toy or interest with good looking girls would work.

    Hope you receive this in the friendly spirit in which was offered. Just trying to keep the pump primed.

    1. In the foggy past, just do recall an article in Car&Driver/Road&Track about a 904 factory “works car”. Several laps from becoming a hanger queen, it’s primary use was as a test vehicle for whatever innovation of the day that could be fitted. A well dinged vehicle, it had a patchwork of fiberglass patches from one shunt or the other. One look and I was all in; only thing missing was a “free to good home” sign.

      As for “most Porsche’s are hideously ugly”, I’ll temper the comment and say “classic Porsche’s are so ugly they’re purty”. Cayenne and Panamera are so out of whack I can only say YGTBSM!

  2. The cars are too fast and finicky and the women are too expensive. Where’s the country girl in a classic pickup truck? All I want is a woman who brings her own ammo on a date.


  3. Compare the size of the 911s in pix 4 and 5. The old one looks like a 5/8’s scale of the new one. In truth, that’s about the ratio of the weights of each….. Features in the new one make it less likely to kill you. I don’t know if that’s true of the girls, too.

  4. Ooh…the orange Targa with the zip out window. Yes, I know they leak like crazy and whatnot, don’t care.

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