1. As a jeep owner, I’ve always looked at people who drive hummers as kind of “special needs”.. this pretty much proves the rule. I’m a bit surprised they managed to park it between the lines!

  2. It’s the Vaginamobile! If you’d gotten a photo from the front you would have seen the California plate and the depiction of a vulva (not vagina) on the hood.

    That or Playboy has started giving away pink cars to the Playmate of the Year again.
    But a Hummer?!?

  3. Looks like the base coat for a serious paint job. Why’d they stop?

    People who badmouth the H2 Hummer have obviously never been offroad with one. Seriously competent when driven off pavement.
    About ’03/’04, a friend was looking for a new 4×4 SUV, so he got an invite to a dealer sponsored rally held at an off-road riding area. Police escorted convoy of ~100 vehicles, mostly H2’s with some H1’s mixed in. Los Gatos Hummer to Hollister Hills Rec Area.
    There are some challenging obstacle course emplacements there, and it was an eye opener. The H1 didn’t do any better than the H2. The difficult one had boulders, water, and telephone poles to drive over. I got to drive both the H1 and H2 there, and it was a challenge with everything wet. The only Hummer that got through without stopping and backing up was a privately owned H2 driven by it’s female owner. I suspect she had been there before. She was running another course that had a ramp exiting some water and mud, and she was launching off that with at least 3 ft of air under all 4 tires. Multiple times, with a big grin.
    We got to ride in an H2 around in the hills for some trail work, and it worked very well going up and down.

    The thing was more than a styling exercise. Under that overblown sheetmetal, GM built a very competent 4X4.

    Fun day, but my buddy ended up spending ~$60k for a Toy Sequoia to get third row seating.

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