Tole Ya So

As I suggested earlier in the week, male employers are going to think twice before hiring women in the future.  Or maybe the future is now:

The Society for Human Resource Management published a report Thursday that documented the result of the movement that called on society to believe allegations of sexual harassment without question.
According to the study, nearly a third of executives report that they have “changed their behaviors to a moderate, great or very great extent to avoid behavior that could be perceived as sexual harassment.”
The CEO of the SHRM, Johnny C. Taylor Jr., explained that “some of the more concerning pieces of data that came out of the research are around the concern that there may be a backlash of sorts. There were men who specifically said I will not hire a woman going forward,” he explained. “Those who said they would hire a woman said they would not travel with one, and they, more importantly they would not engage in activities after business hours.”

But that’s not all.  How about this development:

Amazon’s machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem.
The team had been building computer programs since 2014 to review job applicants’ resumes with the aim of mechanizing the search for top talent, five people familiar with the effort told Reuters.
But the firm was ultimately forced to end the project after it found the system had taught itself to prefer male candidates over females.

When even machines, looking at the thing empirically and dispassionately, find reasons to disqualify women…

There ya go, ladies.   Hope it was worth it.


  1. Now, if the state .gov there had a clue, they would add this to their new law requiring all public companies headquartered there to have a woman on the board of directors and revoke the law before it can cause the stampede of companies out of there to reach maximum velocity.
    This being one of Jerry Brownshirt’s pet projects, that’s not likely. Good. The faster their tax base leaves, the faster they can drive the state into bankruptcy, and that’s the prerequisite to the Dem’s losing their death grip on what was once a nice place to live.

    1. The problem with that is that they will take their voting habits with them to new places and start electing the same idiots there.

  2. Some years ago I worked at a large company (if I told you the name you’d not only recognize it, you’d know the TV commercials) where when I took the job I had to take mandatory sexual harassment training. All of the training materials had men as the perpetrators, and women as the victims. I asked about men as victims (a question born of having had a gay guy after me at a previous job, which I settled in the time-honored method of telling him if he didn’t leave me alone and keep his hands to himself he’d be eating nothing but soft food for quite a while, a solution which wouldn’t fly today of course). The response was that the company’s official policy was that men can’t be victims of harassment, and any such charge brought by a man would be ignored. Don’t know if that policy has changed in the 20+ years since.

    At another job we got a new (female) manager, who told us during her first meeting with us that her priority was to make sure women got promoted (and two of the three managers between me and her were already women). Later that year I was passed over for promotion in favor of a woman who’d been with the company six months.

    In either case above, had the sexes been reversed there would have been lawsuits, but since they were as they were it was acceptable.

    One of many reasons why I never dated co-workers, too much possibility for “woman scorned” crap if it doesn’t end well.

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