I begin this post by offering up a quote from Megan Fox, talking about the feministical anti-Kavanaugh protesters:

“What employers will hire women now?  If I were one, I wouldn’t.  What kind of sado-masochist do you have to be to want to take a chance on hiring one of these women who think accusations are enough to hang a man?”

That particular bullet, it seems to me, has long since passed through the church.  I am pretty sure that but for the presence of the (largely female-staffed) Human Resources departments in business today, most men would probably not hire young women unless forced to do so.  Hell, I’m not even sure that female managers would hire that many young women either.  Because this is the kind of employee you’re likely to get:

Here’s a quick question for a prospective employer:  assuming you weren’t paying attention and hired one or two of these mopes by accident, about how long do you think you’d have before they started disrupting your workplace, taking time off to attend protests, or filing protests against male coworkers for imagined grievances?

If you answered anything other than “Days, maybe even just hours”  to the above question, you’re deluding yourself.  And as for these prospective Yale attorneys:

…well, I’m pretty sure that few law firms (other than the neo-Stalinist ones) would give them a look, but the nice thing about getting a law degree from Yale is that there’ll always be a job for you at pinko outfits like the ACLU, SPLC, Greenpeace and the like.  Hell, you’d be a shoo-in as a staffer for some Democrat congressman, so no worries there.

In the real world, however, I’m predicting that all the ones at the top are going to have to get used to filling orders at Starbucks or waiting tables at Applebee’s, because #patriarchy.

That’s the beauty of being one of the Permanently Aggrieved, you see:  it’s always someone else’s fault.

Fucking children.


  1. Was that “energetic” one the child of Moby Dick?

    As to those womyn from Yale Law protesting JUSTICE Kavanaugh, they have to now ask themselves if Kim Jackson (Yale Law ’17) will be that last clerk from Yale hired by him?

  2. Yep – It used to be fun to have cute young interns around in the summer. Not any more. No thanks.

  3. It becomes a no-win situation, if you refuse to hire them they sue for discrimination, if you hire them they sue for perceived (or just plain made-up) sexism. So how many businesses will go out of business (and take their jobs with them) because they can’t afford the law suits or insurance.

    Oh, Ms Trigglypuff, you think YOU could run this business????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Happily, there’s still a lot of ladies out there who aren’t psychotic, tantrum throwing children with victim complexes.

    2. Cath, you’re assuming that they aren’t already batting for the other side. Visual evidence would suggest this.

  4. Six more years of Trump and she may lose that arm waddle. I miss the good ol’ days when pissed-off liberals would gather in coffee shops and spout poetry.

  5. I was working at a radio station in Vegas a few years ago & complimented a (female) coworker’s jacket. Not her lingerie.

    Her. Jacket.

    That won me a visit from the station GM a few days later, who cautioned me against inflicting unwelcome discomfort. I pointed out that this was the broad (I used that term deliberately with the GM) who had introduced me to her tits the first or second time I met her, by apprising me of their names: Constantinipple, & I forget what what the other one was. I suggested that he and she both call their mommies and have a good cry. The topic never came up again.

    1. I hereby give notice that I have appropriated the term “Constantinipple” for future use.
      And if you can remember the other one’s name, send it to me post-haste. It can only be as good.

      1. It was, and I regret that I can’t remember. I’m sure that constitutes some sort of patriarchal indifference & disdain.

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