1. In some idealized memory of how politics works, the lyrics of “Loch Lomond” comes to mind; “you take the high road and I’ll take the low road and I’ll be in Scotland before you”. Whether ‘pube or dim, fair enough that elected officials had a party agenda they pursued, a high road-low road. But in some measure of reality if not civility, they often to as not put country before party and recognized one option or tuther if not compromise solution. They’d reached a destination, now onto the next HR/SB if not unifying social ground after work. Now what do we have?
    Increasingly over the past 50-years, with the past Administration hyper-torquing any given issue, US are all but in the trenches. Me, myself personally? I’m ready for a politician with a George Smathers sense of humor or a conductor calling “next stop Scotland”.

  2. I’m afraid I can’t get behind the ‘hang them all’ idea– I mean, the ecological impact alone. That poor tree. The poor SOB who has to clean up the remains. Jeez.

    No, it would be better to put them to some meaningful use. Like, for example, tossing into large turbofan engines at full power to simulate bird strikes. That way you can just hose off the goo, and they’ve been made 100% more useful by volume.

    1. Disagree. My only change to the Hanging Tree would be to dangle their rotting corpses from lamp posts, where laughing Republican children can use them for .22 target practice.
      The crows can have the rest.

  3. A male feminist ally? Wonder what sort of creeptacular behavior he’s hiding?

    I should also point out that we have a white man presuming to speak for all womyn, which is “mansplaining”, and a PC sin. He’s also not willingly given up his own job in favor of a womyn or minority, so he’s a defacto oppressor.

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