I wonder if women ever stopped to think why stuff like this used to happen (before such signwriters started getting carted off to feminist-think reeducation camps, that is):

I’ll tell you why.  It’s because we boys had a great time together.  We got up to mischief, fought each other (physically and verbally), played dangerous games and (at the early puberty stage) talked about sex.

Let a damn girl into that idyllic scenario, and all that cool stuff ended, because the girls didn’t want to do any of it — and worse, if we went ahead and did it all anyway, they’d run and tattle to the grownups.

So rough boys’ games turned into gentler, girl-oriented games (which no boy wanted to play), fights weren’t allowed and mischief or dangerous games were prevented by the dreaded words, “I’ll TELL!”

Girls were (and are) a royal pain in the ass.  Hence the signs.

Now take childhood exclusion and apply it to adult life — oh, say, to the Army.  What could possibly go wrong?

What red blooded American male would want to serve in a US military of drag queens, cadets in red high heels, Mommy Rangers, lactating chicks in the field and waddling battalion commanders?
There’s a known fact that the feminist crowd would like to keep buried, like those Green Cards for those Ranger tabbed ladies that Benning hides so well – any industry women take over, men leave… in droves.
The future of the US military is a broken force, a devastated force, if anything is left at all on some distant battlefield.

But hey… who cares, as long as Teh Womyns feel better about themselves?

I used to be fairly agnostic about women who served in the military, provided that they were kept away from combat.  Well, they were allowed to join the armed forces, and because being non-combatants (cooks, drivers, clerks etc.) was demeaning, and patriarchal, and all that proto-feminist twaddle, of course they had to be allowed to do things like try to graduate from Ranger School — and because they always failed, the natural outcome was to lower the standards so that women could eventually pass and feel better about themselves.  Never mind that guys would look at this, say, “That’s not a challenge,” and leave.

Now I have a simple solution:  toss them all out.  Everywhere.  From the combat units, air force squadrons, clerical jobs and most especially, the Navy.  Make the armed forces a man’s world again.  Morale will skyrocket, G.I. pregnancies (and the concomitant costs) will become a thing of the past, fitness and duty standards can be raised to the skies, and our armed forces will become the envy of the world, just like they were during WWII.  My prediction:  men will flock to enlist in the armed forces for the same reason that “No Girls Allowed!” clubs always had a long waiting list of boys from the neighborhood.

And gawd forbid that I breathe these forbidden words:  the United States will then field a ferocious bunch of kick-ass fire-breathers who will cause would-be enemies to shelve their plans of aggression and run back to their Momma.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.  And admittedly, while men often screw up the pacem business, nobody can fuck up a good bellum like a woman.  ‘Twas ever thus.


  1. I recall some Hollywood Harpy once saying that if women were in charge there’d be no wars.


    Anyone who believes that never went to High School. Women practice warfare on one another at a level a man can’t BEGIN to comprehend. Guys have a beef, they get into a fight, fights over and more often than not the guys become friends. Women have a beef, they sabotage one another, try to ruin their reputation, and screw each other’s husbands for good measure. And mind you, a woman never seems to mind sending OTHER women’s children into combat, as long as her own children are safe at home.

    My favorite on the difference between men and women, by Dave Barry:

    Guys are simple… women are not simple and they always assume that men must be just as complicated as they are, only way more mysterious. The whole point is guys are not thinking much. They are just what they appear to be. Tragically.

    1. I doubt even a battlefield disaster will do it. Expect the “Let’s see if this happens every time” mentality to carry the day when it does.

    2. Great response as a whole. The line about, “I am expendable, your daughter is not” really hit home. I remember pointing out the expendable nature of males, and especially young males, to a girl I loved years ago. She responded that she didn’t like that.

      Well, I remember thinking, as a young man I didn’t exactly like it either, but things are what they are, not what we want them to be. You face that or perish, and sometimes face it and perish anyway.

  2. Never happen. I doubt even Trump has the balls to try it, unless he wants to distract the media and usual idiots from something else.

    What we could, and probably should do, is crank up a crapton of “This is really hard” special forces units and make the entry requirements what they used to be for Rangers, and still more or less are for BUD/S, etc. It doesn’t really matter if your infrantry is largely crap so long as you have a hundred thousand SEAL-grade warriors looking for something to detonate and the air power to back them up.

  3. My NG company was about 30% female(Admin Co. in SPT BTTN). EVERY YEAR without fail as the two-week Annual Training time came around, one or two of the female would show up with a doc cert saying they were preggers. Not to say that all of the female in the company were like that just sayin’…

    1. Buddy of mine joined the Coast Guard when we were twenty. Those two extra years were enough to give him much greater wisdom than his many fresh-from-high-school peers. Right from the beginning of their basic training, when he saw female trainees overtly flirting with the males, and generally fucking around like everything was a game, he knew any male acting in kind was going to feel the hammer come down. He watched the younger guys fuck up this way with a sort of wonderment.

  4. I was in the Marines in the late 80’s – early 90’s. Boot Camp and Marine Combat Training (the first half of Infantry School) was male-only. When we went off to our schools and units, we were shocked at how little the women could do.

    They couldn’t run with us (despite passing the female Boot Camp). They NEVER hiked with us. Most of them couldn’t carry their combat gear from the curb into the barracks in a single trip (the gear that we had been hiking 30 miles regularly in MCT).

    My battalion was deployed to the Gulf in ’90 and all the women (support roles like Supply and Admin) were sent to Riyadh. After the war, they came back with wild stories about the HQ in Riyadh. Women being sent home almost daily for getting pregnant (some married and deployed with the husband). Officers arrested for fraternization, etc… It was a mess – and never talked about in the press.

  5. Being of the older generation, before all this insanity, I witnessed the development of a branch of science which actually tried to tell the truth. Sociobiology in its infancy bravely wrote of the man/woman divide. One of the classic works was Men In Groups by Lionel Tiger. It got a revision a decade ago. But any copy is well worth the read. No leftist BS will trump a million years of evolution. Ever…


    Oh and BTW…to see how men really behave in the wild, look up The Sandbar Fight. Today is its anniversary. Jim Bowie 1827….

  6. “… the United States will then field a ferocious bunch of kick-ass fire-breathers who will cause would-be enemies to shelve their plans of aggression and run back to their Momma.”

    And of course it is precisely to avoid such a situation that the feminists’ supporters devote time, money, and talent to making military service into a kind of Special Needs sleep-over. Their American Utopia already exists; it’s called Canada.

  7. fitness and duty standards can be raised to the skies,

    Fraid not. The forces are having recruiting problems because 2/3 of recruitment age prospects are too fat, weak or drugged out to even START training.

    Raising the standards would just make it worse, along with the new demand for men to do the scut work that women are currently doing.

  8. This has been my rant point for years. First step to fix is to make the physical standards for any combat role the same (i.e. The men’s standard). The war does not care what sex you are, so the standard should be the same. This will eliminate 99% of women for eligibility, so what, but it will thereby eliminate 99% or the problem.

  9. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the Founder’s distrust in standing armies is very well placed.
    There’s a fairly obvious difference between the rough & tough seasoned army that arises only in wartime, and the bureaucratic spit & polish paper pushers that tend to push them out in peacetime.
    The latter tend to stick to the obsolescent (especially tactics and doctrine) when they should look for innovation; or they chase after the expensive new & impractical when they should be sticking to the tried & true.
    We see this in other armies as well- the timid tactics of the French & English during the first years of WWII; the tonnes of obsolescent ships good only for gunnery practice in the opening naval battles of WWI, and so on.
    Probably better to slash the numbers back to the bone, and go back to actual Citizen Soldiers.

  10. Hmmm…Kim I think you correctly stated the EFFECT of introducing women into a previously all-male military unit but I believe you missed the mark regarding the CAUSE of the changed behavior.

    You said:

    Let a damn girl into that idyllic scenario, and all that cool stuff ended, because the girls didn’t want to do any of it — and worse, if we went ahead and did it all anyway, they’d run and tattle to the grownups.

    No, it’s not about “tattling.” It’s much more primal than that. A group of guys will support and back each other. They will stick together, generally speaking (yes, sometimes there’s the “outcast” in the group but in a cohesive unit with good leadership that doesn’t happen – either the “outcast” is made to conform with the group or he’s booted out of the group.)

    BUT …. introduce a woman and all of a sudden, the males will compete AGAINST EACH OTHER for her attention. THAT is what destroys small unit cohesion.

    I have served in both all male units (Special Forces battalions, back when they only had males in them) and in coed units (Division HQ companies, Military Intelligence and Military Police Companies) and I saw this happen a lot.

    It’s not even about actual sex – it’s about the POTENTIAL for sex that makes men compete against each other to win the affections of the female(s) in the unit. (Though the ACTUAL sex happens often enough and causes enough real problems that it is enough to be a concern. Want to know what happens when Joe screws Sally and then Sally changes her mind and decides she wants to get screwed by Tom? It’s not pretty.)

    And it’s not something that can be “trained out” of people despite the official lie that it can. It’s primeval, it’s innate, it’s a part of who we are.

    And BTW when you have more than one female in the unit the women ALSO compete against each other for the attentions of males. All this high-school behavior is amusing but when it affects a units ability to fight and survive on a battlefield it’s a real issue.

    In an honest world, all this would be well backed up by data. But sadly we live in a world where the agendas of the military and political leaders (to pretend that “there are no differences between the sexes”) trumps the actual facts and therefore any real data will be ignored, suppressed or just not collected.

    Meanwhile, I challenge you to talk to any real war veteran and ask if they believe the official line that “men and women in the same units do not cause morale or combat efficiency problems and any problems that do occur can be corrected with training.”

    Go ahead, ask.

  11. With regard to physical differences between men and women, one experience will always stand out in my mind.

    The year was 1987. I was stationed in Germany with Headquarters Company (HHC), 1st Armored Division in Ansbach (about 30km West of Nuremberg.) Since our unit included all of the headquarters staff there were lots of female soldiers in the unit (Clerks, medics, military intelligence specialists, admin types, etc.) I’d guess the ratio of male to female enlisted troops was probably 70/30 or so.

    One morning at formation, the First Sergeant announced that the company had acquired several hundred metal and particle-board wall lockers. These lockers weighed ~ 125lbs each. They were located in the basement of our Franco-Prussian-War-era barracks and they needed to go to the top (4th) floor up 3 flights of stairs (cause Prussian soldiers don’t be needin’ no stinkin’ elevators!)

    I was a PFC at the time, newly assigned to the unit. As with everyone else in the company, I had an “office job” working in the Division’s G-2 (intelligence) section.

    After the 1sg announced this detail, he gave another order: “Female soldiers: Fall out and report to your work site. Male soldiers: Fall into the barracks to move those lockers.”

    We didn’t get done moving them until almost noon. I think that was my first lesson in the “equality” between males and females in the Army.

    And I guaran-damn-tee you that every one of those females who got to walk to their nice office chairs while we spent 4 hours hauling those damn wall lockers up 3 flights of stairs has, at some point, said “I can do anything a MAN can do!”

    EDIT: Just in case it’s not clear from what I wrote above, I find absolutely NO fault with the 1SG for this. Actually, 1SG Powell was probably one of the finest soldiers I ever met. I would have walked across a minefield for him.

    He correctly assessed that if he tried to apply principles of “equality” then three things would happen: 1. It would take all day to move the lockers instead of half a day. 2. The lockers would likely be damaged and so would the interior of our recently refurbished barracks and 3. The next morning at sick call he would have a dozen or more females lined up to get treated for scrapes, bruises, pulled muscles, stress fractures, etc.

    He knew there was one right way to get the job done: Send the females to their offices and let the guys do the work. As much as I resented it at the time, I would have made exactly the same call if I’d been in his situation.

  12. Fairly recent Marine here (Out in 2012).

    When H&S CO got their first females, it went straight to hell. How can you tell the line companies of grunts that we have females around now and all that grunt culture was verboten, less we incur the wrath of our betters.

    Fucking stupid. We’re good at killing people and breaking their stuff, not going out of our way to avoid delicate female sensibilities*. One female admin Sgt did end up pregnant, but it was between deployments, so I suppose it didn’t count as dodging a float.

    *and to be perfectly fair, the girls were cool. It was command that pitched a bitch about not offending the chicks.

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