1. Golf was invented by Scotsmen – as was whisky. Somehow they go together.

    Seriously I admire the Brits who didn’t let something as trivial at the Blitz disturb their round of golf. Sort of like Sir Francis Drake saying “Let’s finish this round of bowls and then we’ll go kick the Spaniard’s asses.”

  2. Really, and seriously, it’s why they won the war.

    My German dad showed me that golfy thing in the 1960s or 1970s, when I was reaching adulthood to explain his admiration for the Brits.

    Many people incorrectly say that Germans believe that rules are rules. They do not. Brits do.

    Or, and sadly, did.

  3. My father was a Richmond lad and caddied and learned to play there (and Roehampton) during the war as a boy. I think we actually have an original copy of those rules somewhere. Buried in boxes in a garage, of course.

  4. I vote for fucking crazy (and I play golf)

    What’s amazes me is the game of golf was invented by people who thought music came out of bagpipes.

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