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Back here (warning:  contains a pic of Donna Reed’s boobies), I wondered what would happen when people started thinking about sexbots that look like kiddies.  Well, now we know:

With little discussion, House lawmakers unanimously passed the CREEPER Act by Rep. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y., in June [2018] to ban importation and interstate commerce involving “any child sex doll,” though the Senate has not acted.
Donovan said in a statement that his bill would “help better protect innocent children from predators” and urged the Senate “to follow the House’s lead and swiftly pass this legislation that would benefit our communities.”

Didn’t take long, did it?

As for the main story, I have a simple question:  since when did prostitution come to include charging people (essentially) to masturbate, and providing a place in which to do it create a brothel?

Asking for a friend.


  1. Not that I’ve ever researched the subject, but what sort of language would that law use? What’s the technical difference between a sex-bot that looks like an 18 year old girl and another that looks like a 16 year old girl? What about a “convenience-sized” doll that only stands 3 ft tall, but is adult proportioned? Or a doll that looks like a cartoon character of indeterminate age?

    There’s the old “I know it when I see it” argument, but try putting that down in a very specific, enforceable law.

    As to the larger issue, I’m largely ambivalent other than to say we should focus on that ONLY AFTER taking care of a lot of other, more pressing issues. Such as crimes with actual victims (not potential future victims, but right here right now victims). I live in a relatively nice, affluent, low crime area. And yet cops here rarely even respond to property crimes, so, good luck with morality policing.

    1. One also has to wonder whether a manufacturer of such a “sex doll” could get around the restriction by manufacturing, say, only the lower portion of the doll and selling the upper part separately. Kind of like selling an 80% lower without an FFL and letting the purchaser finish it at home.

      Still, it’s tough to believe this is such a pressing issue that Congress would even need to waste its time on such an issue. Are all the ‘real’ problems solved so that they now have time to start solving imaginary ones?

      Finally, I’d have to go back to my comment on the original article: All this “meat space” stuff will be irrelevant when they can figure a way to jack directly into the conscious mind and submit whatever fantasy the user wants: Sex with women, sex with men, sex with children, sex with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, sex with a 1959 Porsche, Sex with the Crab Nebula, etc.

      And once again, Futurama Imitates Life as I vividly recall the episode where the robot Bender was directly stimulating his pleasure center through a wired computer connection, as Leela (Married with Children’s Katy Sagal) knocked on the bathroom door and said “Are you jacking-on in there?” 😀

  2. I’m waiting for the SEIU to try to organize sexbots and have a deduction for union dues be part of every paid transaction.

    Or Dems to demand that they be counted in the census and count towards Congressional representation. Republicans will probably offer to compromise on 3/5 of sexbot.

    1. Wait till some crazy ass takes an axe to his sexbot… whatever will the DA use to prosecute him?

      1. Wouldn’t ‘murdering’ your sex-bot be about as illegal as smashing your computer because you got the Blue Screen of Death? IOW not illegal at all?

  3. I can see this going badly (but I see that about most laws).

    For instance, those devices which simulate only the “business end” of the female anatomy (I forget what they’re called and I’m not about to search for it at work). They never have hair, which one could argue means it simulates an under-aged female.

    And can a woman be charged if she prefers a….smaller battery powered device?

  4. What is wrong with people? Now I have this weird shit in my brain about crap I never even knew existed and I am going out to mow the lawn so I will be thinking about strange people having some kind of sexual experience with things that are like stuff they are not supposed to have sex with if they were alive but they’re not real an not dead so can they do that and do I really even care?

    I thought the old phone sex thing years ago was kind of a made up thing because who would be that stupid but, now here we are……. SHIT !

    1. OT,
      Welcome to MY world.
      Hell, I thought ten years in a 70s rock band might have prepared me for some strange shit. It didn’t.

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