Quote Of The Day

From Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

“This is the stuff that gives senior Democratic Party leaders nightmares. Their voters came withing spitting distance of nominating a card-carrying socialist last time around and it divided the party in two. Without the superdelegates acting as the adult monitors in the room, who might they nominate next? A member of Antifa?”

We can only hope.


  1. It’s more complicated, and more depressing for the Democrat Establishment.

    They used the Superdelegates to hand pick a nominee…who tanked. They have to be worried about being shouldered aside next time, and losing their comfortable positions in the Party.

    I think that it’s possible all this talk about that little twit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is setting up the radicals to nominate a Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez ticket in 2020, which will lose. That will cement the positions of the Democrat Old Boys Club…at least until they make another Hillary sized blunder.

    1. I suspect that the 2016 nomination was a gift to Hillary & the Clinton faction in exchange for keeping quiet during the Obama administration. They played every trick in the book to keep Bernie from pulling the same trick Barack pulled in 2008.
      The big question is what happens in November. If the Blue Wave materializes, Bernie and the bros will pretty much own the party. Should the midterms pretty much stay the same, the radicals will stay radical. And should they lose big, then the Old Boys will likely come back with an appeal to go back to their “blue collar” roots.

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