Fools, Idiots And Feminists (Some Overlap)

I think I’ve told the story before of how I was taking a Sociology class at college when the Commie / feminist professor [redundancy alert] asked the question of the class:

“Is gender a social construct?”

…whereupon I answered quickly:

“Yes it is… provided that one ignores completely all genetic study and research conducted on the topic since the 1970s.”

Icy silence from the professor followed.  (Incidentally, I got an A for the course because she never could dispute any of my papers’ theses.)

I was reminded of this happy little exchange when I read Heather Mac Donald’s latest article in City Journal.  Hie thee hither and read all of it, for verily (as always with Heather) it’s nothing but net, and will give you all the ammo you’ll ever need when debating some loony feminist [redundancy alert, again] on the topic.

Heather Mac Donald’s collected writings should be required reading in any Humanities course at university, which means that it will never happen because Commies hate any writing which places fact over dogma and disturbs The Narrative.


  1. I belong to a fitness-related forum, and the hive-mind was once presented with a person who is “gender fluid”, some days he wakes up and he’s a boy, some days she’s a girl. He/She wanted to know how that would affect her training, since men’s and women’s bodies respond differently to exercise (largely from the presence or absence of testosterone). We had to (gently, to avoid hurting his/her tender feelings) explain that the amount of testosterone in your body on a particular day depends not the slightest on whether you feel like wearing pink or blue that day, so whether you wake up a boy or girl has f*ck all to do with how your body will respond to training.

    Some days I long for the Sweet Meteor of Death…..

    1. Likewise a lecturer at a local University decides on a daily basis, if they are Janet or John and dresses up likewise.

      What a load of ……. The Truebrit test of whether you are male or female – and no matter what you do with the external bits, your DNA tags you as one or the other – is easy. If you reach into your pants and find balls, you’re a chap. If you reach into your shirt and find tits, you’re a girl (or a fat bloke but hey, I know what I meant).

      Aside from those that are genuinely intersex (roughly one in 1500/2000 live births), I am hopeful that this pandering to snowflake ‘it’s my right to express my sexuality/disability/whathaveyouality’ is soon seen for what it is and MY right to not like what you do, is equally recognised and protected.

  2. A lot of this LGBTQXYZBBQ is the idea that if you can’t stand out and be special because of your actual accomplishments and merits, there’s always pure taxonomy.
    Which is why there’s “1000 genders” now.

  3. Of course the end result of this idiocy is the issue of the ‘transgendered’. The cold facts seem to be that an industry has grown up to prey upon those poor unfortunate souls who believe that they should be the opposite sex. I have no axe to grind with the Trans per se; I’ve know several and they (like most groups) were far more decent on average than those who were the political faces of their subculture. But I hope to live to see the day when surgeons who practiced “gender reassignment surgery” and therapists who advised it are treated with the same reverence we now reserve for the quacks who injected people with monkey glands.

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