5 Worst Times To Be Without A Gun

Ranked in ascending order of helplessness/need:

  • While in lion / grizzly / snake-infested countryside
  • During a school shooting
  • While driving through any urban paradise featuring public housing
  • Driving along any highway, road or street in Johannesburg
  • When you’re the only person in the room not holding one

Your suggestions in Comments.

P.S.  I see I forgot to post a 5 Worst list last Friday.  Sorry.


  1. While wiggling as fast as you dare toward the only public toilet in the hood, guarded by half-a-dozen MS-13 boy scouts after your car broke down.

  2. “When you’re the only person in the room not holding one”

    ISTMh this would be at worst a social faux pas. A room full of people holding guns is presumably a room for of legal gun owners, which is about as safe a place as there is. (If they are criminals, you’re in very deep trouble even if you have a gun.)

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