1. Sarah missed the point of her boyfriend’s suggestion that they make hay while the sun shines.

  2. What a coincidence! Apparently just back from vacation, this lady was working the ticket counter at Dulles the other week! When she asked “how may I help you”, the fellow ahead of me responded “I’d like a picket to titsburg, please”. Then a party-pooper from TSA arrived and spoiled everything…

  3. Bountiful, Bouncy, Betty Boobs reporting present and ready to dig your hot oysters out of the ashes also know as getting your ashes hauled on the beach. Be careful and avoid getting sand in the sticky parts.

  4. It’s easy, sometimes, to forget those who provide the abundant blessings we enjoy in this great big nation of ours. The next time you buy a fresh-picked Push Up, Underwire, French Lace, or even just a good old-fashioned Torpedo, thank a bra farmer.

    1. Hefner County had a one-of-a-kind work release program for naughty offenders.

    2. bra farmer…just blew coffee out my nose.
      Gonna laugh all weekend. Thanks!

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