Enough Already

As much as I am in awe of Kim Rhode’s prowess with a shotgun and her Olympic / World Championship achievements, I’m starting to think that she’s an idiot.

California thought they were onto something. Since they can’t seem to control guns, even though they really keep trying to, they decided to control bullets instead. After all, what could go wrong with that.
Well, now the state is staring down the barrel of a lawsuit. It seems that six-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode takes a bit of exception to the new rules.

So she’s filed a lawsuit against the state, arguing that they’re interfering with her livelihood because under their new law, nobody can ship ammunition into California from another state or something like that. (I mostly ignore what California does because they’re batshit crazy and I don’t want any of that crazy to rub off on me.)

Kim (if I can call you that), please. The state of California doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your livelihood. In fact, they hate you and all the other sport shooters in the California because you show that law-abiding gun owners can be trusted and your shooting is a positive thing — and they can’t have that because they’re selling a narrative that all gun owners are eeevil killers and a powder keg waiting to explode and go insane, murdering a whole bunch of Innocent People.

So please, please leave the stupid place and go to Arizona or Texas or somewhere that will appreciate you and your skills and not try to screw you over anyhow they can. You’ve stood up for your principles, and that’s a good thing. But enough is enough; leave them to their own devices and let them sink into the pit of their own construction. All that’s going to happen is that if you win your lawsuit, California will find some other way to mess with gun owners, and another lawsuit will not help there either.

By the way, the above applies to all my other gun-loving Readers stuck in the Golden Shower State. I appreciate your stubbornness and all that good stuff, but really, it’s time to GTF out of there.


  1. Vote with your tax dollars. Let some other sap pay for their socialist utopia.

  2. GTF out, indeed. My wife and I did 2+ years ago. We followed two of our kids and now live in the DFW area. Perhaps our paths will cross one day. I would be pleased to make your acquaintance.

    I was an FFL in Kalifornia for near 20 years. I agree that the place is lost. God love Kim Rohde for taking a stand. But even if by some miracle she does prevail, she will be old and gray by then. Let the place crash and burn, and the progs consume themselves. Change will come sooner and be far more effective.

  3. I wouldn’t call her an idiot. If we didn’t have people challenging the lunacy, we wouldn’t have court decisions like Heller, etc.

    She certainly should GTFO– but she should also sue them deep and hard. We have precious few people of note willing to take a stand on crap like this– they should be supported.

    1. Yup. This is a legal ambush, with the most appealing plaintiff imaginable.

  4. As someone said, ‘If you draw the line at your doorstep, that’s where the fight will be’. Better to fight it farther afield.

  5. I lived in California a few years in the 90’s while in the Marines and studying at USC. Several of my friends were avid shooters. Drive east of the cities for an hour and there are plenty of places to shoot, and people into it. Of course those people have been out voted by the fanatics. I haven’t talked to any of them in a couple of decades but I sometimes wonder if they left the state.

  6. I understand that some portion/s of Cali want to form their own, new state. Does anyone know if there is a way that the remaining state of Cali could be kicked out of the union, since they don’t seem to want to abide by federal regs.? Worth a shot.

    1. Lots of people have written about this. No one who has taken a clear eyed look at the idea, and the people who would be involved, have concluded it would work. Essentially, you end up with Venezuela. Even Mexico won’t be happy with the results, since all their socialist ideas drive business away, taking jobs and money with them.

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