Snowflake Alert #375

Yikes. From Britishland:

Sainsbury’s is to introduce touch-free packaging ‘to help millennials who are squeamish about handling raw meat’

I award this piece of news three (out of five) Flakeys.


I know, I know: what, you ask, would constitute a 5-Flakey award? This:


I’d give it ten, if I could. (And yes, it’s a bona fide pic; he / she graduated in that outfit. Duke alums can now be excused for puking.)


  1. I can’t blame Sainsburys for pandering to the snowflakes, they are in business and I guarantee the markup on their “no-touchey” chicken bits is astronomical.

    “Fools and their money are soon parted” quoth some wise old profit (sic) 🙂

  2. Wow, Kim, you got a double coffee snort through the nose from me on this posting this morning. Job well done, Number One – broken snowflake sprays anti-bacterial crap on chicken before she cooks it. Don’t these dumb shits understand what heat does to meat? Heat will kill most anything that will make a person sick except for mad cow disease, that crap will kills humans so I don’t eat mad cows.

    Number Two – Who the hell is going to hire the freak in the bright, reddish-pink, mini-skirt, lady suit, accented with pearls and knobby knees on legs with high heels? He does make a statement, something about low-hanging fruit.

    This was an excellent double coffee-snort morning read.

    1. “Who the hell is going to hire the freak”

      Someone–I think it was Our Host–just posted a story recently about there being more coffee shops in England than pubs. Starbucks barista is probably going to be a growth market for a while.

  3. With a skirt that short, my legs aren’t the only thing that might need a ‘trim’ ……

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