Here’s a special post for London Mayor Sadiq Khan, whose response to the violent crime spree in his city is to ban knife carry.

No, I don’t own one of these lovely creatures, but I’m currently negotiating with a guy who might know how to make them. If I / he can get it to work, I might just sell them through this here website.

For the people for whom the above pic might cause fainting spells: these aren’t knives; they’re called “hammer drill bits”. It’s how you make a large hole in wood (with a hammer) when you don’t have an electric- or battery-powered drill handy. The coloring is purely cosmetic.

And if anyone knows where the originals came from (i.e. who makes them), let me know in Comments.


    1. 2cr13 steel? 48HRC hardness? That’s about one step up from a butter knife, if that far. Still wouldn’t want to be stabbed with one, but the markup on those things must be close to 500%, and that’s a conservative estimate.

      1. Kind of like your typical “fantasy” sword-like-object sold at the flea market- the ones with excess holes and superfluous spikey bits all over the place.

        The “Forged in Fire” judges would not be impressed.

  1. What people don’t get about the attempts to reduce crime/violence via banning objects is that the properly ordered mind is a weapon, anything after that is a tool.

    Of course some people would also like to ban use of the mind.

  2. i’ve handled one of them. stabby goodness abounds in them

    The are claimed to be some countries sof creation

    1. Most claims of “SOF Creation” or “used by XXX elite unit” are usually BS, and should be taken with large amounts of salt.

  3. Meh. Not especially good for chopping, and I get the feeling the thing would try to twist itself out of your hand if you tried stabbing.
    A classic Filipino Panabas for me, please.

  4. Okay, I’ll (ahem) bite: so you’ve hammer-drilled your hole with them; how do you get them out? Shouldn’t there be a slot in the – for want of a better word right now – handle for a crowbar or something?

  5. Hmm….an interesting weapon, probably better for intimidation than injury….

    As far as the Mayor, when I saw his ignorant tweet, I responded in words a Londonistani would understand:

    SOD OFF, Swampy!

    1. Especially one with generations of actual combat use behind the design.
      Something that, to paraphrase PTerry, is not shiny or flashy, but “bloody efficient at cutting things”.

  6. I immediately thought miscreant corer, for when you want a core sample for DNA evidence. Call me a traditionalist, but a KaBar or waidblatt is good enough for moi. Okay, mebbe a kukri if I’m looking for style points.

  7. someone said to me to keep it simple. I don’t recall who told me but in their experience folks get into the military, usually an infantry unit and buy a really expensive knife which is great until they lose it. He related a tale of one such soldier losing their Gerber knife so everyone went out searching for it in order to find it and possibly keep it. There is something to be said for a decent Ka Bar or other such design knife.

    Kukris look interesting but can you buy a quality one in the US?

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