File this under “There ought to be a law”:

UK McDonald’s Run Out Of Bacon
Furious fast food lovers went into meltdown this morning after dozens of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK ran out of bacon.
Customers were unable to purchase popular breakfast items from the menu, including bacon rolls, bacon and egg McMuffins and bacon and egg bagels.
Restaurants in Devon, Essex, West Sussex and Greater Manchester have run out of pork and customers took to Twitter to vent their anger.

As well they should. I think it actually IS a law in parts of the U.S.:

Section 2 Part I:
No restaurant should ever run out of bacon, under penalty of imprisonment for the manager thereof.

I saw it on the Internet; it must be true.


  1. ** Checks fridge for bacon. **
    ** Hugs bacon. **

    I think you underestimate the importance of bacon in the British psyche. OTOH this is McDonald’s we’re discussing, so carry on. 🙂

  2. There is a law, not passed by the legislature, but then neither is the law of gravity:

    Piss off your patrons often enough, and they aren’t your patrons anymore.

  3. I’ve often said that if Victoria’s Secret released a line of bacon lingerie there’d be a baby-boom nine months later. Because bacon makes EVERYTHING better.

    Or simply: Because bacon.

  4. Everybody seems to be forgetting that Old Blighty is now in large part mooslime.
    Therefore, in order to keep in step with GB’s rules and laws about not resisting any criminal or being offensive in ANY way to others, it has probably been decreed that since bacon is offensive to the mooslime ruling party, Bacon has been banned. All bacon held by British subjects will immediately be turned in for disposal. Probably by burial at sea.
    Those in the rebellious colonies, should take note the difference between subjects and citizens.
    Also those in the rebellious colonies should take note of what happens when government runs unchecked, ‘cuz you’re next!

  5. We all know BACON kills, slowly and deadly therefore lives were saved during the shortage. Of course as most folks know bacon is a sacred food for white non-muzzies so perhaps this was an anti-white peoples, including the Scots thing. I don’t know and I am glad I live in Texas where we still have an ample supply of BACON, that way we can die on our own terms.

  6. My local Burger King franchise has a history of being poorly run, with the milk shake machinery once unavailable for several months; on another occasion, I was told at the drive-thru that “we is outta Whoppa meat.” My sister reported last night that they are out of CO2 canisters, so no soft drinks.

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