Good Question

Ripped from the headlines:

“When does the meter stop ticking?” asks millionaire 
The money allowed [his ex-wife] to buy a £2million home in Cheshire… and a holiday villa in Mallorca and she also gets £175,000-a-year personal maintenance for life.

One would think this harpy would be satisfied with this generous settlement; but noooo:

Mrs Waggott however claims she did not get enough from the financial package and wants her yearly payments increased by £23,000.
Her lawyer James Turner QC argued that she is entitled to an ongoing share of her husband’s earnings, as she helped him build his career by supporting him and the family on the home front.
He told the court the question of whether she is in financial ‘need’ is irrelevant, and urged the judges to concentrate instead on the issue of ‘fairness.’ He said: ‘A wife in her position, who has supported the husband through the early stages of a career during a 21-year relationship, should be entitled to a share of the fruits of that career, irrespective of ‘need’ in the conventional sense.

And this, m’lud, is why most people want to see lawyers flayed and crucified. Ditto greedy and rapacious gold-digging ex-wives.


  1. “Your ongoing attempt to bleed this man dry is obviously impeding his current and future earnings, so we’re cutting your monthly income by half. How does that sound?”

  2. This kind of stuff is one of the many, many reasons why too many young men have little interest in marriage or even in sex.

    In both cases the price is too high.

  3. I’d burn it all down before accepting involuntary enslavement so the blood sucking parasite could get nothing.

    You can never appease a parasite.

  4. Related to this, the latest trend is for a woman who hears her biological clock ticking is to marry some stable working stiff, have a kid, and then divorce him for 1/2 his assets + child support. The fleece marriage. It used to be that only rich guys had to watch out for the gold diggers, but now, any American male needs to watch out. Thanks to the way the laws have been written over the last couple of decades + the way the family courts operate, and American male would have to be crazy to get married.

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