It says something for my state of mind that when I saw the headline “May and Hammond at war over worst budget build-up in history”, my immediate thought was “Why are Captain Slow and the Hamster arguing over their show’s budget, and where’s Jeremy Clarkson in all this?”

Of course, the headline refers to some nonsense about UK politics and the “May and Hammond” referred to are not James and Richard, but BritPM Wossname May and the Lord High Chancellor of Whatever, Philip Hammond.

Cut me some slack: I’m out of touch here in Nether Boonies, Cornwall, and the UK’s budget battle is about of the same interest to me as the love life of that fat comedienne who’s related to Chuck Schumer. (Okay, maybe the budget thing is a little more interesting, but you get my drift.)

Now: what’s for breakfast?


  1. Some say she’s been regent longer than most countries have been countries and that she’ll outlive her grandchildren. All we know is she’s called THE QUEEN!

  2. Had it been real Top Gear related, it would be something worth watching- them trying to make F-1 cars out of Reliant Robins or Morris Marinas for 1000 pounds or something.

    The other is just dull and depressing.

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