Here We (I) Go Again

I know, some people are getting sick of me sounding off about crap architecture. And this little article shows a whole bunch more that are detested not only by me, but by the people forced to live next door to them. Here’s a sample picture:

But read the whole thing, because I have a surprise for you. One of those houses, in my opinion, isn’t so bad — in fact, I could see myself living in it, albeit with vastly different furniture and decor.

Which is it? As they appear:

  1. 6 Wood Lane
  2.  South Steet
  3. Ness Point
  4. Redshank
  5. Edinburgh Road

I’ll reveal which one next week. Your guesses in Comments.



  1. My guess would be Edinburgh Road. It’s a house-shaped house, the changes to it make sense (so it *faces* the sea instead of away from it) and despite the headline at the start of the article, there doesn’t appear to be any complaints from the neighbours.

  2. I concur with Simon. Edinburgh Road is probably the most “traditional” in shape and a dark wood library facing the sea would be your cup of tea.

  3. Concur. I’d guess Edinburgh Road, although there are one or two others that might have some promise.

  4. My guess would be Ness Point – the view and the Frank Lloyd Wright look where the house seems to grow out of the existing landscape.

  5. 6 Wood Road – certainly out of character for the neighbourhood, but otherwise not bad looking. It certainly is nice inside

    South Steet – Butt ugly. The downstairs is nice from inside, as long as I had no neighbours within say… 2 miles?

    Ness Point – Lovely.

    Redshank – Squatters Hovel.

    Edinburgh Road – Functional, if somewhat artless.

    I’m gonna go with Ness Point.

  6. It actually looks as if a person could live in Edinburgh Road, at least as a summer place with a nice view.

    Redshank has a lot of potential as a duck blind on the coast and I have seen a couple of Texas deer blinds that are almost this big.

    Ness Point is interesting however that funky meadow on the roof might make things a bit leaky and buggy inside.

    South Street looks a place for washing large trucks.

    And the most awfullest house of all is 6 Wood Lane which looks like it would be and acoustic nightmare miserable place to live. The designers might be charged with assisted suicide if a normal person tried to live in that glass and plastic greenhouse and subsequently killed themselves.

  7. My take:
    #1- Kind of cool. I’d live there, but would hate to have it as a neighboring house.
    #2- yech.
    #3- Meh. Nice view, but the style is old and stale, plus curiously timid.
    #4- Interesting. The cork siding is a stupid idea (it will sag and turn green eventually), but pretty neat.
    #5- Oooo. Now that’s pretty cool. A little stark inside, but new house, so that can be changed.

    I’m going to guess #5 for Kim

  8. South Street and Ness Point are quite acceptable options, though first choice would be the white curvy building at Ness Point which has a view to die for.

  9. Wood Lane: coffee machine.
    South Street: lifeboat station.
    Ness Point: doesn’t look bad at all on the outside, a softer Art Deco, but coastal erosion will destroy it soon anyway.
    Redshank: looks like a caravan / trailer.
    Edinburgh Road: right on the sea wall? No thanks. And it’s open plan. I don’t want the smells & stuff from the kitchen in the living area. And a big wave will make short work of it. The North Sea is not to be trifled with or underestimated. One of my clients had their whole warehouse in Peterhead severely damaged (destroyed, really) by one such some years back.

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