The “Winner”

There were really only two houses of the foul excrescences (listed here) in which I would live. Most of my Readers got it right: the runner-up was Edinburgh Road, but it failed simply because it looks like a shed and is too close to a main road (although the sea view is lovely).

But the only (grudging) consideration I would give is to Ness Point:

The reason I don’t mind Ness Point is simple: for once, the architect actually took the ambience and scenery into mind, and instead of inflicting his “vision” (i.e. egoistic bullshit statement) on the world, he created something which actually looks like it belongs there. Note the grass roof:

…but the interior (which I call “corporate whiteboard”) would be repainted in some human-friendly color, with curtains, bookshelves and comfortable furniture installed — you know, so I could actually live there.

I’d still prefer something more in keeping with the other houses, of course ( thus shutting up the neighbors’ whining), but at least I wouldn’t call for massive amounts of dynamite to rid the world of the place — unlike the others on the list, which should all be blown to smithereens along with their architects.



  1. I didn’t find the South Street building to be horrible. A little too modern for my tastes, but it’s not horribly out of place in it’s environment. The rusting steel cladding is pretty dumb, but it’s really the texture of the thing that his horrible, the color would probably upset your average HOA authoritarian, but that’s a feature IMO.

    The site sucks, but that’s not what’s wrong with the building.

  2. You just know the local HOA fascisti will be on your ass toot f’n suite to get that roof mowed. I hear goats are pretty adept at climbing.

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