OMG Cornwall

Thanks to my dear friends the Sorensons (who ferried me all the way across the country), I am now established in a little Cornish village named Boscastle (more on my precise location at the end of the week), which is on the Atlantic coastline (as opposed to the English Channel). There will be oh so many more pics to follow, because it is beyond gorgeous, but here’s a quick view of the coastline:

From this point, next stop: America.

Here are a couple of pics of the village, just to start:

You may be interested to know that the entire village was nearly swept away in the Great Flood Of 2004, but the drainage issues appear to have been fixed (the cynic in me says by the same people who built the Titanic, but whatever). Anyway, just to be on the safe side, I’ve been monitoring the forecasted rainfall in the area and there’s little more than the occasional shower predicted, so the chances of my being swept out to sea this week are remote, to say the least.

You’re probably sick of hearing me say this, but I could live here. More specifically, I could live out here in the very cottage in which I am staying, but as I said, I’ll post the details of that later in the week.

It is beyond beautiful. And as I post more pics over the next few days, you’ll see why I say that.


  1. The landscape and the village are very picturesque, but the washed-out gray of the buildings would wear on me over time.

  2. I’m curious about how you feel about Cornwall as regards temperature and climate.

    You’re from South Africa via Texas most recently and I think of you as a hot place guy. Does Cornwall feel cold to you? I see someone in shirtsleeves in the 4th photo down and that’s how I “feel” the UK, as a warm-ish place, even in November.

    But I’m from Canada and looking out my window at 6 inches of snow that’s been gathering here since October. Boscastle is 20 miles south of me, however, I’ve got no Gulfstream.

    If you’re looking due west from Cornwall you’re not exactly looking at “America” but at Newfoundland, which is a very interesting place and not really part of America, or Canada either for that matter.

    Jeez, I’m envious, the place looks fabulous.

  3. Cornwall is a lovely place, Kim, but I think you’d eventually chafe under the restrictions we ‘enjoy’ and how many things – particularly houses – are that much smaller.

    And let’s not mention restrictions on guns, okay? 🙂

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