1. With respect: no, sir.

    Back up a decade or so when you had your other blog I started buying ammo. Then I bought a reloader. I started laying in supplies, buying powder by the 8 pounder and primers by the thousand. I still remember being a smug a-hole because I bought three cases (15,000) rounds of .22 and still had a couple bricks left by the time the last shortage ended. Then I bought 10,000 more which should take me into retirement.
    Buy a RELOADER if you haven’t already.

  2. Just got back from my favorite, very well stocked LGS. 5000 rounds of .22, and a thousand each of 5.56mm, .308, and 9mm followed me home. Happy Birthday, Kim!

  3. I can’t. Mostly because I spent my ammo money already on two cases of Eley. Plus some odds and ends.

  4. Technical question:
    If a married couple buys 500 rounds of .223Rem using a joint account,
    does that qualify under “each person should buy 100 rounds”?

    P. S. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    I had to order before today, and it won’t arrive until Tuesday but it is my National Ammo Day purchase.

    420 rounds of IMI 5.56 poodleshooter for practice and close range
    100 rounds of IMI 77gr Razor Core (long range)
    500 rounds of 10mm practice loads

    That’s the budget but its been well spent.

  6. FYI if any of you all need higher end poodle shooter ammo, Midway has the IMI 5.56 77gr RazorCore ammo on sale today only at $0.50/round. These have Sierra Matchking bullets… Plus shipping but if you order ammo, also go to the Midway front page and select the Free shipping tab. Sort by price, pick a cheap free-ship item to your order, and odds are it will save a chunk of the shipping greater than the cost of the cheap item.

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