A youngin asked me the other day what changes I’ve noticed in my personality as I’ve got older. The principle one, I told him, is that as I’ve got older, I’ve begin to care less and less about more and more. Here’s an example.

So apparently Facebook does ugly things to conservative Facebookers (or whatever they’re called).

I don’t care, because I don’t have a Facebook account, nor will I ever surrender that much control, to anybody. This is why I have a private blog: I can post anything I want, say anything I want, and as long as I don’t murder anybody, I’ll be fine*.

If my hosting service were to suspend my account, I’d go somewhere else (I’ve had several offers to host this site for almost no money), and if my blogging software were to be disabled, I’d just build my own blog from scratch — done it before, was too lazy to do it again this time. Anyone remember this?

…or this?

…or this?

Hand-built. And I can do it all again, if I have to. In the meantime, I’ll stick to this:

And I don’t care about traffic, or pageviews or any of that crap either. BobbyK once told me that this site has about 10 percent of the traffic of my older one, and I don’t actually care. I seek neither validation nor popularity. I do what I do, and people can agree with me, disagree with me, ignore me, or whatever. Hence: splendid isolation.

As I look back, my whole purpose in life has been to deny control of that life to others, and I’m too old to change that purpose now. So fuckem.

*I should point out that since the death of Senator Teddy The Traitor Kennedy, the odds of me being arrested for murder have fallen precipitously. Still, every time I see a chair, duct tape and a baseball bat in the same room, I get flashbacks.


  1. I’ve harbored the deep suspicion that Ted “Fatboy” Kennedy was subconciously driven by a desperate need to be so clearly awful that nobody would make him run for President. It wasn’t conscious, or he wouldn’t have run in ’80, but think about it; he had TWO brothers who ran. One was elected. The other (according to Teh Narrative) was likely to win. Both were assassinated.

    John. Robert. Teddy. Two out of three ain’t bad.

    In his position, I would have defied my family and become a Trappist monk. Or a pimp. Anything that would make me unelectable. But this is a family that had inconvenient members lobotomized.

    I could almost – ALMOST – feel sorry for the silly bastard.

    1. I don’t know if Teddy was afraid of assassination – seems to me he ran for Pres in a primary – but he was too lazy and dumb to do the job. Trappist monk? Maybe you, but Teddy? No effin’ way. If he did that, there’d be no pussy and he’d have to work every day but Sunday. The work alone would have killed him. He could have been an honest man, and that would have made him unelectable as a Democrat, but that would have killed him too.
      BTW, when will some kind soul exhume him from Arlington, a graveyard of the good and heroic, and cast his traitorous remains into a dump somewhere?

      1. Teddy did one good thing- pretty much helped to drain the well of goodwill for the Kennedy name and family.
        Not that the rest of Joseph’s spawn weren’t capable of besmirching the “reputation” the media and JFK built.

  2. I enjoyed reading your old blog years ago for years and years, it was one of the first blogs I bookmarked to check everyday and now, once more, I enjoy your daily postings. I even agree with about 96.357 % of the stuff you say which is kind of scary.

    I am also an old guy, older than you with lots of fine friends and shooting buddies way up in years, 80’s and even 90’s. As we are aging out I agree with their statements about getting along with everyday life, enjoying what we have and not getting too upset about stuff we can’t change.

  3. Great that you are back at your ole stomping grounds. It’s clear that you have mellowed since the times past. Still enjoy reading the daily missive and your command of the mother tongue. Now that I have massaged your ego enough, I do miss that angry [email protected] of old.

  4. Sad days are when guys whose Blogs I follow cease screaming into the dark. when you shuttered your old one I tried to follow to where you went, but it was not easy. DenBeste was another one I really like and it was a sad day when he passed. He was a little to liberal but analysis where spot on.

    If I had half the wit of you guys I would start one. But I am sure I would be shut down not long after starting it. between moslimes and democrats I would be in the housgow soon.

    As to teddy, is she dead yet, Kennedy, he did run twice for president but I don’t think he kept it together long enough to get to the primary.

    Sad part about Mary was she drowned. She could have been saved, just she might have tarnished the anointed ones image so the calculus was to let her go.

    To bad.

  5. Just the other day I saw your (in)famous “Let Africa Sink” screed quoted on someone else’s webspace.

  6. It would seem that any validation you might desire would come from the readers who follow you from site to site. When you fade from one, we begin to search yet again till we find you elsewhere. Hence, the “splendid” part of the isolation. As others have said, “Welcome back!”

  7. Are you ever going to write any more novels Kim?

    As for Teddy – that woulda been a justifiable homicide. You probly would have gotten a medal. 🙂

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