5 Worst Halloween Costumes

For the ladies:

  • The Honorable Member:


  • Best Presidential Candidate Evah:


  • Emmy Winner:


  • Speaker Of The House:


  • Manchester pop concert souvenirs:

…and for the gentlemen:

  • Serial Molester:


  • Serial Molester (option 2):


  • Director-Rapist:


  • Girly-man Cyclist:


  • Olympic Gold Medalist:


Your suggestions in Comments, as usual.





  1. If I go a week without showering, roll around the back yard with the dogs and wear the same clothes then maybe I could maybe be as scary as the women shown.

  2. I have no clue who the third wom, er, gir, er, whatever in the third picture is, and frankly, I don’t care.

  3. I used to subscribe to the old Robert A. Heinlein statement that there were no truly ugly women – some were just more beautiful than others. With respect to the late Mr Heinlein my worst nightmare would be waking up next to any of the five shown at the top of the page – or even worse the one at the bottom. Self castration immediately followed by seppuku would be the only honorable way out of that situation.

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