Perspective, And Numbers

I read in some article in the Dead Tree Telegraph this morning about how the BritGov (thanks to the foul Tony Blair’s NuLabour governance) has been spending £4 for every £3 it collected.

Yeah, we can all do the ratio on that one. But how much more effective would it have been to use the same ratio, only with actual proportions, i.e. “The Government has been spending £400 billion for every £300 billion it collects in taxes.” Same ratio, far more effective; and if I may say, also more truthful.

I don’t wanna ask what the USGov’s ratio has been, under Urkel Obama’s stewardship.


  1. Guess the chicago libs have a potential replacement for madigan (assuming he may eventually die and isn’t, as I suspect, satan). Blair’s spending habits may be a little too “conservative” for them though. >:-[

  2. under Urkel Obama’s stewardship.
    About the same ratio for Buraq The Divider, but add some zeroes. Spend ~$4,000,000,000,000, bring in ~$3,000,000,000,000, add ~$10 trillion to the national debt over eight years of hate America malfeasance.

  3. Looks like under urkel we did the 4 to 3 ratio. The one I saw today had 500 billion on 400 billion in revenue so that would be an improvement of 5%? I am sure if I am wrong someone will gladly beat me into a submissive pose.

  4. Not to defend Blair but the place where England used to be has had a Conservative PM for 7 years now. Perhaps they should have done something about this.

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