1. No no. It’s a matter of the system converting Kim’s inches to Whitworth. Very common. (grin)

  2. Kim, the first thing that comes to mind is they don’t update their DNS lookup table for the server they’re hosting your assigned IP on very well. Here in the US, that’s been known to happen…. but it doesn’t happen often, and generally gets detected and routed through another network path seamlessly and quickly. It takes HEAVY traffic (which may be an attack, or just inadequate infra) to make that a regular occurrence.

  3. A couple of cable modems ago we got access to the ‘technician’ view of the modem. There were a whole set of different channels running at different frequencies being used both inbound and outbound. A year later when that modem was replaced we snapshotted the view and found that the distribution of channels in use the percentage of data traveling over the different channels, etc, had changed. I read up on it at the time and the story is that the modems are adaptive. They keep trying the channels that haven’t worked well and keep shifting traffic to the ones that are working well. Not every cable or cable run is the same, not every central connection (don’t know the official name for cable; with DSL its a DSLAM) is the same, so the modem has to adapt.

    Maybe, especially over a potentially long run, it can take the modem a couple of days to ‘learn’ the characteristics of the cable connection, which frequencies work best, which don’t, how much bandwidth it is able to use over each channel, etc.

    Or maybe BT just wants to reduce help calls…

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