Interesting Option

Harking back to my post about winning the Euromillions lottery Over Here, I saw this little piece of real estate, which would give one a serious option when it came to housing:

A historic Scottish castle that boasts lake views and comes complete with two islands is on the market for £3.75million. Glenborrodale Castle has 16 bedrooms as well as a walled garden, a gate house and an impressive 133 acres of land. The baronial home, on the idyllic Ardnamurchan peninsula in Lochaber, Scottish Highlands, was built during the early 20th century and looks fit to feature in a Hollywood fairy tale blockbuster or period drama.

I should point out that these pics were taken in the summer. I suspect that come the Scottish winter (the very definition behind the expression “witch’s tit cold”), it might look a little different.

Still, looks like there’s lots of room for a decent rifle range and a clay pigeon range withal. Not that I would ever consider spoiling the place’s heritage with such an undertaking, of course.



  1. If it was built in the early 20th century, how much heritage does it have?

    Heck, there’s houses in America that old. I think my relatives own a few.

    Given your tastes in firearms they’d fit right in.

  2. Assuming the amount of necessary renovations are reasonable, that sounds like a fair price for a chunk of property that size.
    …although…that whole “winter” thing does make me step back a bit from the thought.
    As much as I detest the Arizona desert, going to the opposite extreme doesn’t sound too pleasant either.

    …WAIT…I forgot…I’m independently wealthy! Winters will be spent in a more tropical clime!!

  3. With the correct amount of ca$h, the range is no problem. Just rent a tunnel boring machine, and make it underground. That way you have shooting all year. I always wanted a 1000 yard indoor range. And a perfectly undamaged landscape.

  4. If I was really disgustingly filthy rich I’d build a copy someplace on a lake in northern Arkansas or southern Missouri. Then I’d get a bottle or three of very ancient scotch, paint my face blue and sit up in the tower with a .50 cal Barrett and keep the moonbat liberals out of range. One can dream.

  5. “The castle as it is today was built in 1900 by Mr C D Rudd, who made his fortune in the diamond mines of South Africa. It took 100 local men three years to build.”

    “Charles Dunell Rudd (22 October 1844 – 15 November 1916) was the main business associate of Cecil John Rhodes.” He built “Glenborrodale Castle, just for his guests” on the Scottish estate he retired to in 1902 (though he was not a Scot).

    Or to put it another way, it has no history to speak of.

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