Wealth / Class Envy

So Mr. Free Market is wending his way home, after a week’s hard work exploiting the masses and keeping the working classes underfoot, when he pulls his Porsche 911 Cabrio up to a red traffic light which happens to be next to a bus stop.

Two yoofs are slouching there waiting for their bus, and in the time-honored spirit of British class-consciousness and wealth envy, start chanting “Wanker! Toff wanker!” at him.

Whereupon Mr. FM enquires of them, in his best upper-class accent:

“So… how’s that bus stop thing working out for you, then?”

Slack-jawed astonishment from his audience, followed by anger; but before they can do anything untoward, the light changes. Exit Mr. FM in a roar of Porsche goodness, leaving frustrated rage in his wake.


  1. They rarely have a come back on tap. And leaving the scene is good sense. Makes me want to get a high power convertible and cruise the ghetto.

  2. My best to Mr. Free Market for perpetuating that old saw about the difference between a porcupine and a Porsche: “With a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.”

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