Again With That Cricket Thing

So yesterday afternoon I went once more to watch Mr. FM’s Son&Heir play for the local village cricket team, which, as before, was played in an atmosphere of utter class, fine play and good sportsmanship. The weather this time was far better, though:

…and after Our Lads thrashed the visitors (aided by a splendid knock of 50 not out from FM Son&Heir), we retired to the local pub, with the usual fare:

…and unfortunately, the usual consequences. (I’d write more about the day, but I have hobgoblins playing rugby in my head.)

Tomorrow (weather permitting), I’ll be at Lord’s to watch England take on South Africa in the First Test, to take that particular item off my Bucket List. Report to follow.


    1. Nope. I think the Allopurinol nuked it. I’m still careful, of course — try to space out the Bad Foods / Drinks where I can to let the body recover, but no gout problems in years.

  1. And the really good news is that UK fish stocks are recovering – and will recover further after Brexit. Unfortunately you’re down south where the big Spanish ships hoover up everything. Up here the wind farms and oil rigs are giving the fish safe havens from the factory ships but not the smaller trawlers.

    Enjoy the cricket. Have you tried a proper Pimms yet?

  2. Kim, what type of fish is that?

    If the proper effect of good food photography is to make the viewer hunger for the food shown, damn, that was a good picture.

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