Teaching, My Ass

Aaugh! as Charlie Brown used to say. If you haven’t taken yer blood-pressure meds yet, you may want to pop them before reading any further. This takes the bloody cake.

Penn State York is now offering a week-long “Social Justice and Education” course to teach educators, counselors, and social workers to employ a “culturally responsive lens” in the classroom.
According to the university’s website, the course will be taught by Kathy Roy, associate professor of literacy education at Penn State Harrisburg and coordinator of the literary education program, and will focus on training educators to be “culturally responsive” toward their students.

The school notes that Roy’s academic experience is “grounded in social justice frameworks,” saying her research primarily “examines the classroom and community experiences of new and existing refugee and immigrant populations in the U.S., focusing particularly on the intersections of race, culture, language, and other markers of identity.”

I think that “associate professor of literacy education” means that she teaches people how to read, but maybe I’m just being too literal and stuff. Note too the sex of the “educators” who will be foisting this utter bullshit on the delicate flowers known as “students” as per this priceless finale:

Francine Baker, coordinator of the master of education in Teaching and Curriculum at Penn State York, said the course will provide useful tools and techniques to “maximize the learning experience” in the classroom.
“Every day, every teacher makes multiple decisions that impact social justice and equity in their classroom, school, and thus the community-at-large,” Baker explained. “Every student comes with their own story, beliefs, values and ideas. The summer institute at Penn State offers educators the research and strategies to support and expand educational practices that connect students and maximize the learning experience.”
Baker also maintained that the course will allow educators to “design activities to directly embed in their curricular area, classroom and school, while earning three graduate credits or Act 48 hours.

Good, so the educators will receive bribes (“credits”) for perpetrating this insanity, which is cloaked in meaningless jargon such as “maximize the learning experience“. And this part, “intersections of race, culture, language, and other markers of identity” makes me want to have intersectional intercourse with their mothers. And excuse me, but since when was it a goal of tertiary education to “connect students“?

And if all that doesn’t take the cake, this surely will: [RELATED: University to host ‘social justice summer camp’]

Follow that link at your peril. That whirring sound is that of Plato and Socrates (and anyone who ever taught students prior to 1970) spinning in their graves.

New motto for this particular college: “Penn State York: a place to keep hidden from your children.” Or if we want to go all Classical (I know, Irony Alert):

Non Attendendum.


  1. I know this is really mean-spirited, but what else do you expect from a college whose flagship campus once covered for a serial pedophile for almost 30 years?

  2. When I have to be around social justice types I amuse myself by asking them how they define “social justice.” I’ve yet to get ANY cogent, intelligent answer, only sputtering and barely contained anger. I guess I just don’t get it.

  3. Once you get away from science and engineering, most colleges these days are irrelevant to the real world that we Olde Pharts have thoroughly enjoyed.

  4. SJWs like this would call Plato and Socretes white men and dismiss them out of hand.

    Social Justice is essentially Post-Modernism, and makes absolutely no logical sense because it isn’t supposed to. Post-Modernists believe that logic and reason are male created constructs designed to promulgate their patriarchal dominated culture, and therefore they reject them at the conceptual level.

    Look up Professor Jordan Peterson on youtube, he is all over this. A really good one to watch is his recent 3 hour long interview with Joe Rogan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USg3NR76XpQ

    Post-Modernism is a cancer that has corrupted the Humanities to the core.

  5. “(T)he main difference between a radical Islamist and a Social Justice Warrior is that one carries the Qur’an and a bomb while the other carries the Constitution and a latte.”

    1. If the SJWs carried the Constitution, I’d feel better. What they DO carry is resentment and envy, underpinned by the Gramscian, Frankfurt School education principles they received all the way through middle school, high school and college.
      And a latte, as you correctly suggest, as well as an expensive iPhone (both products of the white patriarchy, if ever there were any).

  6. “I think that “associate professor of literacy education” means that she teaches people how to read…”

    No, she teaches people how to teach people to read.

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