More Inclusive

I see that the Black Livers Matter protesters have banned Whitey from their planned riot in Philadelphia on April 15, to nobody’s surprise except perhaps the New York Sodding Times. Oh, did I say “riot”? I meant “meeting”, of course. (Anyone have a line on the over/under on a riot happening anyway? Or is nobody taking that bet?)

Now, I have heard rumblings from certain quarters that not having any White people at this “meeting” will be a Good Thing, because then when the BLU-82 “daisy-cutter” is dropped, there’s less chance of collateral casualties.

I have to say, I think that’s short-sighted thinking, and might even be rayciss. Perhaps. But here’s why I think that idea is flawed: considering the kind of White people who would attend such a “meeting” to show their solidarity with the BLT Movement, would you not want their molecules to be part of that daisy-cutter’s smoke cloud as well?


To ask the question is to answer it. Because inclusivity.


  1. “Anyone who identifies as “African disapora [sic]” is allowed to attend, the group explained over Twitter.”. Well, that’s it …. I’m going.

    1. Well, it looks like all Kim would need to do is show up with his old South African passport to be welcomed with open arms!

      (And I actually typed that with a straight face…. Naaah!)

  2. Good work, Kim! It is important that we hate everyone equally! I can think of a few other vibrants that need to be part of that daisy cutter protest…:)

  3. We’ve set the precedent that it’s ok to bomb Philly, I’m okay with the doing it again. Think of it as simultaneous urban renewal and a bit of chlorine for the ol gene pool.

  4. There was a point, very early on, where BLM could’ve made common cause with those of us who dislike the way law enforcement has become militarized and excessively confrontational. David Codrea has collected countless examples of ‘only one’ behavior, just to name ONE guy. It would’ve been a true bipartisan coalition, crossing political and racial boundaries.

    So of course BLM goes off the rails, going out of its way to canonize thugs and act like a bunch of angry, tantrum-throwing toddlers. Now NOBODY gives a flip what their grievances are, because nobody cares what a bunch of riotous, angry clods thinks!


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