A Little While Ago vs. Right Now

My earlier posts on vintage British sports cars generated quite a bit of discussion (here and here).  So I thought I’d bring the post topic up to date somewhat, to review what’s been happening recently.

First a little history.  This, of course, is the E-Type we all know and love (from 1966):


Next, the Jaguar XK, which was discontinued in 2015:


Personally, I think this was the most beautiful Jag made since the X220.  Then, in a fit of stupidity idiocy foolishness mental retardation lunacy brilliance, Jaguar replaced the above with the “F-Type”:


Personally, I fucking hate the F-Type:  it’s ugly, brutish and classless, with all the modern doodads which supposedly appeal to the sports car buyer of today:  massive front grille, show-off brake calipers and totally superfluous air scoops with black accents.

So we went from sleek and sexy to fugly in 50 years.  I think they call that “progress”.  No prizes for guessing what I think it is.

Pale Shadow

It appears that while once-Great Britain has been solving problems like plastic drinking straws and imposing taxes on milkshakes (!), their navy has been allowed to deteriorate into a motley collection of rowing boats, dinghies and canoes:

The Royal Navy has only ordered one aircraft carrier, a handful of offshore patrol vessels, five submarines, and a single new frigate for the next decade as a report says its force will get even smaller.
It comes as serious questions have been raised over Britain’s ability to defend itself following Iran seizing the UK-flagged tanker Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz.

In essence, the once-proud Royal Navy has allowed a British-flagged ship to be hijacked by a bunch of ragheads in a speedboat.

Of course, Uncle Sam will probably come to Britain’s aid again in protecting the sea lanes (see:  WWI and WWII), but let’s hope that this altruism will not get in the way of the British government’s clown show (see: Brexit).

Feckless idiots.

Go Back

From Liz Sheld at PJM:

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee said on a Sunday snuff show that Trump’s tweets telling The Squad to “go back to where they came from” reminded him of the time he was told to “go back from where he came from.” Cummings made his remarks to George Stephanopoulos, who also revealed that has been told to “go back to where he came from.”  This is a new epidemic, so many Democrats have been told to “go back,” why are we only hearing about it until now?

I have to say that nobody has ever told me  to go back to where I came from, but that may be because I’ve made every effort not  to change the United States nation as I see it, but to preserve  it — original intent of the Founders, traditional American values and traditions, strict Constitutional construction, reverence for the flag and all it stands for, unswerving loyalty to our Armed Forces, respect for law and order, paying taxes, serving on a jury, defending the United States against criticism when traveling overseas (okay, I’m not sure whether a drunken fistfight with a Scot constitutes actual defense, but hey)… and of course, I don’t think I have to prove my undying support for the Second Amendment (along with the nochschleppers  in the Bill of Rights).  Frankly, if someone were to tell me to go back, I’d have nowhere to go.  I’m here, and I’m staying — to the utter dismay, I hope, of liberal assholes and socialists everywhere.

As for these fucking Socialist Congressweasels (we all know who they are), the same cannot be said.

I’m not setting myself up as some paragon of civic virtue, here;  but at the same time, I would suggest that my version of civic virtue is more in line with mainstream America than theirs — and I suspect that there are far more like me than there are of them — even among “traditional” Democrat voters.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the 2020 elections to see if what I say is true.

Funny Stuff

This may quite possibly be the funniest “old fart” cartoon ever written.

…and you can find this guy’s funny stuff over here.  Just hit the “Random” button to get more.

No need to thank me, it’s all part of the service.

Executioner’s Song

Every time I rethink my position on the death penalty — i.e. that maybe I should reconsider my support thereof — I somehow stumble across a story like this one:

A convicted killer who had already murdered one girlfriend was left free to kill a second following a catalogue of police and probation service blunders, a jury has ruled.
Paul O’Hara, 48, was on life licence after serving 15 years for killing a former partner when he met businesswoman Cherylee Shennan.
They began a relationship but within weeks manipulative O’Hara, who had been diagnosed with psychopathic traits in prison, began controlling and beating the 40-year-old mother of one.
Over the following months police missed several chances to stop the ‘high-risk violent predator’.
When unprepared and unarmed officers did finally go to Miss Shennan’s home, O’Hara attacked them before stabbing his girlfriend to death.

So basically, this murderous asswipe was out on parole when he killed Victim #2.

Everyone who favors the abolition of execution for murder is all “O noes, what about the innocent people wrongly convicted?” when in fact they should be all “O noes, what about the innocent people killed by assholes wrongly freed?”

It’s bullshit.  Anyone convicted of murder should be locked away forever while the appeals process grinds on, then executed.  There should be NO parole (or “life licence” — what a crock of shit) for convicted murderers, ever.

Unless, maybe, we go all Hammurabi and if a parole board releases a murderer who then goes on to murder someone else, then the members of the parole board responsible should also face life imprisonment (or execution — a.k.a. Full Hammurabi) for having allowed Murder #2.

And while I’m still in a charitable mood, why hasn’t convicted cop-killer Wesley Cook (alias  Mumia Abu-Jamar) been executed yet?

Brit Bits 2

Following yesterday’s post about the exquisite Triumph TR4, I need to explain where I got the title of the two posts.  But first, a little exposition.

As much as I love and adore old cars, I have no interest — none —  in restoring one.  Indeed, even if I were tempted to buy one, I would never be one of Those Guys who spend hours over weekends trying to coax life into an old Weber carburetor or rewiring the dashboard switches.  I believe that all that stuff is best left to people who enjoy doing this stuff:  I’m a user, not a fixer or tinkerer, and think that if I were intended to venture into this dark world of vintage car ownership, God would not have invented auto mechanics or, for that matter, AAA.

However, when I do happen upon a temple dedicated to these endeavors, I’m happy to pass on the news in case there is the occasional Reader who might need to visit such an establishment.  So during my recent trip to New England, I happened to come upon Brit Bits, a marvelously-named place located in Rye, New Hampshire.  Here’s what I saw:

(I should point out that in her yoof, New Wife used to drive an MGB GT like the mustard-colored one — the color is Full Late-1960s — only hers was aubergine:  “purple”, to you and me.  If I’d had the money — and the nerve —  I would have bought her the white one and driven it back the Texas.)

But be still, my beating heart:  Morris Minors!

And don’t get me started about the Austin Healey Mk III:

The only problem with owning one of these, as any fule kno, is that one would need to move to Rye and form a very close relationship with the mechanics at Brit Bits (maybe even adoption should be considered), unless one were of the aforementioned fixers and tinkerers.

However, if I were to be presented with a “resto-mod” of the Healey, MGB or even that Morris Minor Traveller station wagon, I’d sell a firstborn or two.

And you have to love a place that features this July 4-themed pic on their website: