Homeschoolers are almost always grilled about their kids not learning “socialization skills” at home.

Uh huh.  In an article headlined “Teacher, 23, snuck into pupil’s home for sordid sex romp while his parents were away“, we see the associated links:

Well, I guess that does classify as socialization… I mean, “sex romps” says it all, really.

En passant:  “snuck”?  In a newspaper headline?


  1. We home educated our son and my wife wrote a book about homeschooling. By far the most common question asked by parents is about the socialization. It’s as if, to them, the education part is not the most important aspect. My disgusted reply to these people is, “Seriously, you really want your children exposed to the criminal environment of public schools?”

    FWIW, our son completed hi state education requirements 3 years early, then went on to college and completed a 4 year degree in 3 years. Then he worked for a major computer programming company (he had over 200 offers of employment when he graduated) for 2 years and then at the age of 20 started his own business. 24 years later he is still running his business and has rewarded his mother and I with 2 grand daughters aged 9 and 17, both of which are educated by him and his wife.

    Sending children public schools is abuse and stifles them for the rest of their lives. There’s a reason public schools look like prisons and the employees act like wardens and guards.

    1. Back in the olden days when I was in school, there really was only a few hours of serious work and instruction. So much so that a lot of my high school career was filled with electives like shop, electronics, and photography. Skills I’ve used all my life since.

      Now it’s probably worse, what with mainstreaming and all.

      They prolly get only an hour or two a day. Makes the case for homeschooling.

  2. ….. “snuck”? In a newspaper headline?

    Have you ever heard of a homeschooled journalist?

    1. En passant: “snuck”? In a newspaper headline?

      Saves two spaces over “sneaked” in the headline.

  3. That there is the fine edge of “psyops”. What immediately comes to mind from the tenor of the article and the use of the work “snuck”? Why yes, yes the ole’ brain scans through the synapses for suck, fuck, buck and possibly duck.

    Guarantee the choice of word was 100% intentional, eh?

  4. the best response I heard about the socialization was “why would I want my child to socialize with yours?” adjectives were optional I guess.


  5. Now tell me, in every case shown here, what would be the
    verdict / sentence if the sex of the parties involved were
    reversed ?? You KNOW the answer !
    And Please, stick to TWO and don’t start in about the thousands of possible
    combinations / permutations if there are dozens of ‘genders / sexes’ involved !!

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