1. Well — the word police say she is correct, his candidacy doesn’t give him the rights.

    ……. It’s that bothersome other thing that gives him along with all the rest of us the right.

    …….. and the second half of her statement should have her disbarred and sent back to Alan Dershowitz’s classes at that Red School by the River here in Boston.

    1. Turns out her law degree was issued by Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, where dissenters are taken to the tank firing range for practice.

  2. Good Lord, woman? Did you ACTUALLY say that ON THE RECORD? Enjoy your new career as a perfume spritzer at Walmart.

  3. The problem isn’t Trump. The problem is these arrogant judges who think that they rule all. Fuck them sideways with a running chainsaw


  4. As I recall it is our God given right to vilify public servants for doing their job for no other reason than because we want to. So with all due respect (which is very little) to the judge here…go pound sand you worthless mental deficient with delusions of adequacy.

    What’s funny to me in all this, is that Donald Trump is one of those public figures that the harder you oppose him, the stronger he gets. After he left office, if the left had stopped talking about him, I mean completely ignored him, he wouldn’t be much more than a one term ex-president today and Republicans would have moved on to someone else. Instead, President Trump lives rent free in their minds as some kind of ultimate boogeyman and their hatred of him only makes him stronger and keeps him going.

    I’ve long said President Trump is every bit as much a product of the left as he is the right. His continued popularity today is due in no small part to the five minutes of hate he gets every hour of every day on the so-called news channels.

    1. Let’s not even ASK her opinion on the Inconvenient Second, seeing as she has so much of a problem with the First.

  5. modern black women have decided that old white men don’t matter… Or indeed any white people.

    1. Nope, they don’t have the brains to something as difficult as ‘decide’.

      She ‘feels’ that old white men don’t matter.

      Doesn’t matter, the Gods of the Copybook Headings are arming up and saddling their horses. They’ll be amongst us soon, cleaning out the garbage.

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