Next Banned Word: Macho

At least, this is the inference I get from the latest bit of governmental foolishness, Euro Division:

Spain has announced plans for an app that will tell wives if their men are doing enough housework. The new app intends to address the gender imbalance of housework and will log the hours a family member spends doing chores.

And which department is coming up with this lovely example of Big Sister snooping?

Ángela Rodríguez, Spain’s minister for gender equality and domestic violence, said her department was in the process of developing the free app.

One might argue that the rationale for even having a “minister for gender equality and domestic violence” is dubious (and one would be right — “gender equality” is a bullshit concept, and “domestic violence” is a police matter already).

The minister was speaking at a conference in Geneva discussing discrimination against women. The minister presented a report at the convention on Spain’s women’s rights. 

Rodriguez said nearly half of the women who took part in a survey by Spain’s National Statistics Institute said they did the majority of the housework in their home. 

Oh boo fucking hoo.

Wonder what the fat bitch would think of this little joke?

I can hear the Sisterhood’s wailings from here.

Anyway, Spain is pretty fucked up about all this:

A Spanish court has ordered a businessman to pay his ex-wife £180,000 for 25 years of unpaid domestic labour, based on the minimum wage throughout their marriage.

And oh yeah, the ruling was made by a female judge — like you didn’t suspect that already.

If the hapless Spanish businessman refused to pay the money and went to jail for his disobedience:  now that would be truly macho, Señor.

Never gonna happen, though.  Looks like Spanish men have been pussified like pretty much most Western men (to coin a phrase).


  1. problem is, if he goes to prison he still has to pay…
    So unless he were to win on appeal there’s no way out, and chances of that are miniscule in the socialist paradise that is Spain (love the country, hate the politics, like so many countries including my own).

  2. “Spain has announced plans for an app that will tell wives if their men are doing enough housework.”

    Cool. Now let’s have an app that will tell husbands if their wives are doing enough yard work and home repair.

    I was married for three decades. Would you like to guess how many times my ex-wife mowed the lawn, installed a new mailbox, unclogged a drain, replaced a faulty light switch, repaired a toilet, or even changed the light bulb in a ceiling fixture? That’s right, zero.

    And you know what? I was OK with that. Early in our marriage, she and I worked out a division of labor that we were both comfortable with. We did not need a government bureaucracy to tell us how to live our lives, and we certainly didn’t need a government-issued app to give us work quotas.

    Spaniards should tell their minister for gender equality and domestic violence to go pound sand.

  3. My wife cleans the house because I earn enough money for there to be a house to clean. Somehow working 60+ hours a week never seems to enter into that “who does more household chores” discussion.

  4. “Rodriguez said nearly half of the women who took part in a survey by Spain’s National Statistics Institute said they did the majority of the housework in their home. ”

    National Statistics Institute eh?

    nearly half the women did the majority of the work. Not all, not even most, but nearly half?
    And the fucking men doing the majority STILL are not doing enough?

  5. It’s early, sort of, I’m gettin’ older, and sometimes I miss something – to wit
    Um, the’re coming up with an APP to do all sorts of checking, counting, sifting,
    sorting and punishing ( which will be fun to behold in itself ! ) of so called
    offenders EXACTLY H O W ??? What data will be ‘collected and exactly HOW
    is data going to be collected ? Is data going to be collected for BOTH parties
    or is this just another quasi ‘reparations’ sewer that only flows ONE WAY ?
    Take that bell around your neck ( or whatever part of your anatomy it is attached to ) and throw it as hard as you can against the nearest masonry wall – he or she who’s former ‘phone’ ( they’re really FAR more than that as this story brings to light ) breaks into the most pieces, WINS !
    Are people going to be forced to download and use this app and if so, how in
    hell is that going to be enforced, especially the ‘use’ part ?? I see a LOT
    of these miniature computers, um. disappearing, getting damaged, lost or
    drowned, and in hopefully rare cases being removed surgically from some part
    of some individuals who thought this was a GREAT idea !!

  6. Ban whatever they want. If I can tolerate it, I will. If I cannot then I will break their rules and laws.


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